Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Validity of Yin Zhai Feng Shui

Danny Van den Berghe commented on my last posting about the validity of Yin Zhai Feng Shui. His argument makes a lot of sense.

As a matter of fact, I already pointed out that Yin Zhai Feng Shui is only a small part of all the contributions towards a person's well-being. The effect of graves has been exaggerated by Feng Shui masters in the past. It is to such an extent that no Feng Shui master dares say Yin Zhai Feng Shui is nonsense. If he makes that statement, he will have to receive attack from all directions. He will be denounced as a Feng Shui master. He will be thrown out of the Feng Shui world.

I won't say Yin Zhai Feng Shui is nonsense, not because I do not dare but because it is not. However, it is far less poweful than claimed. There are just too many more important factors that can affect a person's well-being.

We can assume that the emperors in the past enjoyed the services of the best Feng Shui masters (who else if not the emperors?).

All the empires in China deteriorated quickly after the first couple of emperors. This is ample proof that the Feng Shui of graves is far less effective than claimed.

Master Jiang Da Hong emphasized on the importance of Yang Zhai:
The house is where we eat and rest - its effect is immediate and noticeable.

He did not denounce Yin Zhai but he did not make wild claims like others.

It is interesting that most Feng Shui masters believe in the power of Yin Zhai Feng Shui without even questioning what they have been taught. Yet the theory and practical results are so shaky and unreliable.



CaitanyaRupa said...

Considering the developments in Quantum Physics, it seems there may be some basis for Yin house Feng Shui.

The difficulty would be in application and research. How to measure results? That's the major problem. Also how to refine the placements once they are made.

It would seem that Yang house Feng Shui is easier to research and document as we are more likely to pay closer attention to where we live than where our family is buried.

Just some thoughts
Caitanya Rupa

Fourpillars.net said...

Thanks for addressing my comment.

The least we can say is that plenty of people and countries have gone to great prosperity without knowing a iota about grave feng shui.


And even if for sake of argument we assume that the principles behind grave feng shui are valid.
I still see quite a few more problems with it:

1) What if one or more of these ancestors were bad people, e.g. criminals, abusing their wife or kids (which was certainly not rare in the age before woman rights...)?
I would rather not line up my home to receive the Chi from that ancestor's bones or tombstone..

2) And how sure can we be that these ancestors are really our ancestors?
Female line is quite certain, but the male line is definitely not.
An estimated 10-20% of people are illegitimate children, and before there were contraceptives it was probably even more.
That means that as soon as we go back more than a few generations, the odds that we are actually looking at our real ancestors drops below 50% rather quickly..
So better check if our home is also lined up well with the bones of the milkman??

These considerations make grave feng shui rather impractical imo.
And since the effects are at best very weak.., then why bother..?


CaitanyaRupa said...

I agree with you in practice.

Basically Yin House Feng Shui is just one aspect of many. If a person has the time, money and inclination, it can enhance what is already done.

Since I follow the Vedas and cremation, I personally would never bother. Too much time and money that could go to more direct means. Of course if I had the bank account of an emperor, then maybe.... or not.

I just find it interesting that something as subtle as Quantum parallel particles and Quantum Computing are hinted at in ancient Metaphysics.

Our immediate ancestors would have genetic makeup closest to ours and chi could possibly be transmitted. Kind of like what they are trying to do in Quantum computing and Biological computing.

So imo of more interest scientifically than practically. Could lead to some interesting ideas and discoveries for anyone so inclined.

Thanks for your comments

Caitanya Rupa

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Danny

If the mechanism of yin feng shui really works, then it does not matter how you align your home, you will be receiving the qi transmitted from the grave of your ancestors. However, you do receive more effective qi taken into your home from the mountains and waters around your home. The effect of the qi from the grave will be weak compared with that from your home.

We use products manufactured in factories and we have no idea what kind of people work there. Your computer may have chips made by a child-abuser but you just don't know. Are your going to use your computer?

Today most rational people do not believe the power of yin feng shui. It is nothing more than a marketing gimmick selling dreams to dreamers.