Saturday, November 3, 2007

When the illiterate says you don't know how to write

It means you are a successful writer.

Losers are forever losers if they say the winners do not deserve to win.

There is a reason behind every success but the losers say it is luck.

Advertisement brings buyers but not repeated buyers.

Don't envy the power of a brand name. It is the guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

When people are jealous of your success, be more successful and let the green-eye monster suffer from stomach ulcer.

By the way, my Qi Men Dun Jia course is due to start in January, 2008. This course will not be repeated. Late comers will only be able to buy the recording ebooks. I hope to see 100 attendees in the online seminars.



Naseeb said...

Dear Master Joseph,

Please keep on with your profound and generous teaching and let the rest to protest!
I wish if you write a book or two, then everyone will see who is who!
When we have a Master with your reputation, I'm grateful to study your "interpretation".

All the best,

monica said...

Brigham Young once was told that it seemed the bells of hell were ringing every time the saints set to building a new temple. He wisely replied, "I want to hear them ring again."
He knew it was a compliment to all who worked on the temples.
And so it goes. Whenever you start to reach the top you have those on the bottom who want to bring you down.
It's a shame they can't just step up.

CaitanyaRupa said...

When I fear what others may say about me, I give them complete control and power over me.

What I fear controls me.

The dogs may bark, but the caravan will travel on.

If I worry about the reaction to my writing, I will never write.

To write or not to write? That is the question.

I once knew a man who criticized me for trying to learn through books. He told me that anything important, he had learned directly through people. That "books couldn't teach you nothin' " Those were his exact words.

I was at first surprised and asked him who did he think had written the books in the first place. A monkey?

The I finally realized that he couldn't read. It was only sour grapes.

He would have been better off using all that energy to learn to read instead of finding fault in my reading.

If instead of admitting our own weaknesses and imperfections, we attack other's strengths, we do nothing to weaken them. We only tear ourselves down and make ourselves less.

Just some more food for thought.
Caitanya Rupa