Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life (1)

It has been an overly quoted concept that our destiny is influenced by three factors:

Heaven - one's natal chart, the qi structure of the moment of birth and the interaction with Heaven's qi thereafter;

Earth - feng shui of one's ancestral burial site and feng shui of the house for the person;

Man - what is in the person's mind and hence his action.

Some people then hastily conclude that our free will is responsible for 1/3 of our destiny.

There are three factors but it does not mean that each has a equal weight of 1/3. The weight varies with different people. The weight also varies with time.

For example, when someone commits suicide, it has nothing to do with Heaven and Earth. It is 100% the person's exercise of his free will. According to the natal chart, the person may have to deal with some very difficult situation. The feng shui of the house where he lives may have brought him very bad luck. It may even induce a self-destruction notion in his mind. However, it is his free will that causes him to commit suicide.

From the destiny chart we may be able to see that the person may destroy himself. This is not to be interpreted as committing suicide in the literal sense. This only points at the person doing something leading to his own destruction. He may do something to ruin his career, his family and himself. There is no problem that has only one solution - death although this sometimes may be the easiest solution.

Suicide is one extreme example showing our life is in our own hands. It may not be so with other situations. Talk to you later.



Simon said...

If the Heaven and Earth factors are the possibilities, opportunities in time and place, I think Human factor refers to that how you can use these opportunities.

You can use the Heavens opportunities with Human potency: to take or not to take an action at a certain time.

You can use the Earth opportunities with Human potency: to be or not to be at a certain place.

You have to work, take efforts for everything, because time is changing.

When the Heaven and the Earth refers to bad luck, it is more difficult to balance them with Human potency.

It is suggested to be at a lucky place, when the Heaven refers to bad luck, so that you can balance easier with your actions.

If you are in a lucky period (Heaven) you can face and solve the difficulties easier at an unlucky place.

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Simon

Thanks for your comment. I will address these issues in the upcoming postings.