Monday, June 16, 2008

Life (4)

Character analysis is the most important part in a life reading. We often hear people say something like this:

"You have shang guan, therefore you are rebellious."
"You have qi sha, therefore you are an outlaw."

This is very unprofessional. To be able to do a good life reading, understanding the 10 deities/gods is the first step. The second step is to see how the deities are located in the chart to see how they interact with each other. Then, examine the luck pillars to see the change in the strength of the deities and what are being brought to the surface. This will account for the major contribution to the character of a person.

The other contribution comes from Feng Shui. This consists of 3 parts. The first is the Ming Gua of the person. It is the guiding spirit and life long mentor of the person. A person has the tendency of imitating his own Ming Gua. Therefore understanding of the eight trigrams and nine stars is most important. The next thing that will affect the behaviour of a person is the environment. That is why the study of "forms" in Feng Shui is so important. The third is the stars in the house. This includes both the basic yin and yang qi of the house, the star that takes care of the person while he is asleep and the star that the person embraces while at work.

If an actor wants to perform well in a movie, he must first study the scripts to understand the character development of the hero of the story. It is in this way that he will be able to give the right reaction as the story goes on. In a life reading, it is the same. Once you can grasp the character of the person, you will know what happens when he encounters a situation. Life reading will not be a guessing game and reading the four pillars will be like watching a movie.

A good life reading is not telling the story. The astrologer should be like the director of a movie to tell the actor what to do and how to do well.


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