Saturday, January 5, 2013

An Interesting Case Study Part 2

There is a big difference between the two charts including the luck pillars. 

Chart2:Using Li Chun as beginning of a year
The little bit of Ding fire on the year pillar is feeble and under attack by the month stem Gui. It indicates that his childhood was miserable. Now, this wounded Ding fire on the year stem supported by the branch Mao indicates that his survival depended on his kind nature adopted from his ancestors. During the Ren Zi luck period that covered 6 to 15 years of age, Ren tried to combine with Ding to remove the fire but because of the clash between Ding and Gui, the combination failed.  However,  when the year Ren Wu came, the additional stem Ren successfully combined with Ding and took away his eyesight.  
The natural flow of qi in this chart is from water to wood when fire prevents the water from being frozen. As a matter of fact, when metal comes into the chart, it nourishes the water and brings him fame. When fire comes into the chart, it provides more warmth making life easy.  Apart from being blind, he enjoys fame and fortune through his performance fire

Earth should hinder the flow of water qi but during the luck period Geng Xu, Xu combined with the year branch Mao and it did not cause much inconvenience.  During the luck period Ji You, Ji combined with the Day Master Jia indicating wealth coming to him instead of interfering with the flow.  During Wu Shen period, Wu combined with Gui but worse came to worse it might just indicate that he could lose some support because of financial dispute. 
Mr. Wu Jun Min did not expect him to live beyond the luck period Geng Shen in his proposed chart. That was why he commented that Mr. Liu would encounter disaster and he did not include the next luck pillar in his reading. Well, as a matter of fact, Mr. Liu is still offering life reading services today. 

This is a real case study of a famous person who is still active today. It is easy to see which chart is his real Bazi

It should also be noted that Chinese New Year day was 23 January in 1928. If Lunar Calendar was used, it would also be the same chart as Chart 1 except that the month pillar becomes Jia Yin. 


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