Friday, January 4, 2013

An Interesting Case Study Part 1

The first Bazi scholar who advocated to change the year pillar at Dong Zhi 冬至 was the late Mr. Wu Jun Min 吴俊民 of Taiwan. He has written a lot of books one of which has the following case study of a very famous blind diviner.

The blind diviner was Mr. Liu De Nan 柳得男 who offered his services in Min Xiong 民雄. He was born on 25 January, 1928 at the Zi hour from a very ordinary family. When he was fifteen, a high school boy, he did something that changed his entire life. One day, he was walking home from school when he saw a naked young girl lying dead on the road side.  He took off his shirt and covered the dead body, buried her and then walked home. He became blind that same night and it was found to be incurable.

He could not attend school any more and started learning divination. Nobody knew how he learnt this art and there were a lot of stories floating around. I have read one version of the story from a book written by the “Lotus-born Living Buddha  蓮生活佛 about this blind diviner.  It was suggested that the blind diviner heard the voice of the young girl telling him the past events of the client every time he read the destiny of the client….

Anyway, let us examine the two charts of this blind diviner with two different year pillars.

Chart 1: Using Dong Zhi as beginning of a year

According to Mr. Wu’s book, referring to the chart with year pillar Wu Chen, the incident of the young boy covering the little girl’s naked corpse happened during the Ren Wu year 壬午年 when he entered the second luck pillar Yi Mao 大運乙卯

His life was miserable during the entire Yi Mao luck pillar because his chart required the most needed fire to warm it up. Even during Bing Chen luck pillar he did not have a lot of business. Luck changed when the luck pillar Ding Si 丁巳 kicked in and for the entire 30 years with fire, he was able to get rich. However, stepping into the Geng Shen luck pillar, the complete water frame of Shen, Zi and Chen will bring him disaster.

The analysis is not too far from the truth. However, when we take a look at the chart using Ding Mao 丁卯 as his year pillar because Li Chun 立春 has not arrived yet, we find something that was missing in his reading. 

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Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

If I was reading this chart, focus at the branches, water is strong, semi-frame generates 10 year luck branch Mao, wood generating fire, giving Wu strength, would break open the Zi Chou combination of year and day branches and then move on with not as much force to clash Zi on the hour pillar.

I'm not sure the the fire in Wu would have been totally clashed away. Mao would have bridge the water to fire.