Thursday, January 24, 2013

Divination on Agarwood

This is a case study in the original Plum Blossom Divination book written by Shao Yong (?).

It was You Year, 8th month, 25th day at Noon. A merchant Mr. Yang went to persuade Shao Yong to buy his agarwood. He dropped his merchandise while entering Shao Yong’s house. Shao Yong said, “What you are selling is fake agarwood.” Yang said, “Nothing is more real than this agarwood.” Shao Yong pointed out that it was not real agarwood but some cheap wood grown on the marsh. It was then boiled in scented water and dried under the sun. Yang went away with fit of anger.

10 + 8 + 25 = 43. 
43 divided by 8 leaves a remainder 3. 
Upper trigram is Li.

43 + 7 = 50. 
50 divided by 8 leaves a remainder 2. 
Lower trigram is Dui.

50 divided by 6 leaves a remainder 2. 
Line 2 moves.  


What the man claimed to be agarwood was wood from marsh chopped into pieces, placed in a large kettle, boiled in water with scented powder and then dried under the sun. 

One month later, a friend visited Shao Yong who just participated in a Daoist ceremony. He said that the agarwood used did not have the good smell of agarwood. Shao Yong told him someone was trying to sell him fake agarwood  the month before. Shao’s son sent a servant to find out what was going on in the ceremony. The servant came back saying the priest was the same Mr. Yang who tried to sell agarwood to them.



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