Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Good to be Creative (2)

In the same way, if one tries to use the Lunar Calendar for Four Pillars of Destiny, one should aim at developing a complete system. The year begins on Lunar New Year Day. Each month begins with the first day of the lunar month. In other words, the Year Pillar changes on the first day of the lunar year. The Month Pillar changes on the first day of each lunar month. The problem arises with the Lunar Leap Year (Ren Nian 閏年). If there is an additional month, then  this month will consist of double the number of days of an ordinary month. The consideration of the strength of the five elements will also be quite awkward. If one is using the lunar calendar, then one must not refer to the solar calendar to define the 12 stages of life. 

Furthermore, the luck pillars will also have to be defined according to the lunar calendar referring to the first day of the month and not to the Jie. 

In other words, there are just too many problems arising from using the lunar calendar. To mix the two calendars in one system is just a joke. It is not the attitude of a serious researcher. 

Joseph Yu

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