Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Good to be Creative (3)

There are a lot of technical problems we encounter when we practice Chinese Metaphysics. For example, in studying the Four Pillars of Destiny, how should we take the hour of birth so as to obtain the correct chart?

Theoretically, we should use the true local solar time of birth of the person. In ancient days, ordinary people watched the shadow of the sun and told the time from experience. At night, the government used a graduated cylinder of water to tell the hour and employed people to announce the hour walking every street. Obviously, the time cannot be reliable. Therefore, astrologers in China in the old days followed this rule: When in doubt, test three hours to find out which one applies 不準但作三時看.

Today, we have the clock that tells time reasonably accurately. However, the time zone covers 15 degrees of longitude and each degree is equal to 4 minutes of time. The true local solar time for 2 places within the same time zone can differ by as much as 1 hour although the clocks read the same in the two places. To be more accurate, the equation of time tells even more accurately the true local solar time. However, we must not rigidly say that the supposedly most accurate method of using the equation of time must be employed for the purpose of erecting the correct hour pillar. This is because there is another principle in science that is ignored. In using a formula that consists of several variables, the accuracy is determined by the product of the individual accuracies of all the variables. The accuracy of the birth hour depends on how we get this value and of course the other factors that affect the deviation of the "clock time" from the true local solar time. You can see that in the old days when the clock was not used, the hour was very questionable. Today, it is much more reliable. However, we do not know when the time of birth is recorded in the delivery room. You can imagine the doctor and nurses must be very busy taking care of the mother and baby. How accurate will the birth time on record be? 

Yes, we should try to be as accurate as possible to get the true local solar time with every scientific adjustment. We still must not forget the rule used by ancient astrologers - when in doubt, try three hours to see which one is true. Remember that one Shi 時 is equivalent to 2 hours of today. The rule should be quite enough. To use the clock time without any adjustment is ignorance. To say that using scientific adjustment the hour will be free from mistakes is arrogant. Use adjustments but never forget the ancient rule of testing for truth.

Well, today there are "creative" people who advocate the use of the clock time without any adjustment, even the artificial daylight savings time should not be adjusted. This, they say, is because they use the principle of synchronicity. What I can say is that destiny reading is the study of qi in terms of the yin and yang and five elements. It is NOT divination and therefore the principle of synchronicity does not apply.

If destiny reading is divination, then why not just use any date and time that strikes your mind when someone wants a reading? This solves the problem when someone really does not know when he was born.

It is good to be creative only with sound reasoning.

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