Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The ugliest building in China

This is the newly crowned ugliest building in China. This is the building of Ren Min Ri Bao 人民日報 - People's Daily. Does it mean that all you can find in the newspaper is FXXXing rubbish?


Monica said...

It's a message alright. A terrible one. Even the most morally "questionable" places in the world, have not stooped to this level of vulgarity. Maybe there are just too many young men around who haven't learned good manners? It looks like something a 14 year old boy would find amusing.

Joseph Yu said...

I don't know whether this is the government swearing at the people or the people swearing at the government. The message is clear anyway. The official news agency is worse than being vulgar.

Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design said...

I lot of people do not know the meaning of "good taste" in China.....they think grabbing a lot of attention means it is good for business, they just don't know any better......unfortunately. This would just become another laughing-stock :-(