Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deities and Ghosts

Deities and ghosts are simply spirits. Since the subject of spirits is not within the realm of science, it is looked upon as superstition by a lot of people. Some people who claim to be experts in metaphysics also do not like to talk about spirits. We must understand that metaphysics is the rational study of our universe beyond the coverage of physics. Spirits are what science cannot cover. If spirits do not exist, then there is practically nothing left in metaphysics.

The following short paragraph is from Xi Ci Zhuan 繫辭傳 of the Yijing 易經.

易與天地準 故能彌綸天地之道
仰以觀於天文 俯以察於地理 是故知幽明之故
原始反終 故知生死之說
精氣為物 游魂為變 是故知鬼神之情狀

"The Yi is based on the principle of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, it can explain the way of Heaven and Earth. (The sages) look up to examine astronomy, look down to study geography. They therefore understand the reasons for brightness and darkness. They explore the beginning and the ending and therefore understand the theory of life and death. Essence and breath form tangible beings. The wandering of spirits causes the transformation. Therefore, they know the situation of deities and ghosts." - translation by Joseph Yu

The Yijing is the origin of Chinese metaphysics. It clearly points out the structure of living things - formation of the body by assimilation of essence and breath with life and death controlled by the movement of spirit.

The combination of a body and a spirit brings life. The departure of the spirit from the body implies death.

Spirits are therefore quite close to us and are nothing to be afraid of. They are the core of the study of Destiny and Feng Shui. Metaphysics can therefore be defined as the rational analysis of irrational beings to see how they affect the lives of people.



Master Jodi said...

Dear Joseph,

We can say, then, that Feng Shui is the study of how the spiritual world affects the physical world.


Stephen said...

Dear Joseph,

In Feng Shui we talk about the personalities of the flying stars. In 4 pillars we have Gods described as 'Annoying' or 'Useful'.

Are these entities spirits as you describe or simply useful metaphysical effects?


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

Could these deities and ghosts be angels?

St. Thomas Aquinas describes 9 different choirs of angels each with a specific function.


Monica Ottaggio said...

Dear Master:

Spirits accompany us; they can give us the transformation through the change, giving a deeper comprehension about our path on revert our karma being alert to the presente signals.

traditionalfengshui said...

If I read you correctly, all living things can be classified as having spirit. Right. Not necessarily saying that all living things should be viewed as having the same structure as the human spirit. Surely?

Otherwise what spirits did Confucius encourage his students to keep their distance from and not talk about?


Joseph Yu said...

What I talk about is the general theory of deities and ghosts. What Confucius talked about is the special theory of deities and ghosts. He was referring to the wandering spirits without assuming a body - a different dimension from our space-tme continuum. Therefore Confucius adviced us to respect but keep a distance from deities and ghosts so that they do not interfere with our lives in an undesirable way.