Friday, May 25, 2007

Translation (1)

Regarding translation from Chinese to English, faithfulness to the original is the first priority. Some people prefer "word for word" translation to translation according to the translator's understanding. In a way, this sounds reasonable. However, if they have a bit more understanding of the Chinese language, they will not have such preference.

Just to show you some example:

Chinese term Word for word translation
填房 filling room
入贅 enter unwanted extra
月事 moon/month matters
流浪 flow wave
月旦 moon/month birth/dawn

Can you guess the real meaning of the terms given the word for word translation?You can guess and put your answers in the "comment" section. I will give you the answers next week.



traditionalfengshui said...

I was going to try but it's too cryptic. Point taken.


Jürgen said...

Just a wild guess:
Its about date selection, perhaps opening of a business?

(to determine the Qi) which is coming into a room (filling it)
and to avoid getting unwanted energies
depends on the chosen month,
its Qi flow (the ruling energies)
and the birth data (of the owner)

best regards


Jürgen said...

"enter unwanted extra" might also be
"to get addtitional benefit" (like a bonus)



Dear Master Joseph,
Congratulation! I am very happy that you enter to the magnific world of blogs.

Best regards,

Master Jodi said...

A word for word translation may bring about the ('birth of') the wrong meaning with all the extra words needed for the translation.

Master Jodi said...

A word for word translation may bring about the (birth of) a translation which has lost meaning with too many words?

Stephen said...

Two of the phrases refer to the moon, the last being "birth" I would guess could be new moon. There are four expressions, maybe refers to lunar cycle, Full-moon, waning moon, waxing moon etc.

Just guessing, but that's what you asked for, isn't it?


Milana Minaeva said...

I'll try to guess about these 3:
月事 moon/month matters - I think it means something that lasts a month
流浪 flow wave - maybe radio?
月旦 moon/month birth/dawn - beginning of a month?


Maria Jerkunica said...

I think the meaning for translation in this case is wuxing in regards to the translation of wood to fire and fire to earth etc.

Maria Jerkunica said...

I think the word translation has to do with wuxing. The change from wood to fire and to earth and to metal etc.