Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thinking Aloud

Not everyone can think aloud. There is just too much to hide on the dark side of the mind. It is a blessing to be able to think aloud. This means that you have nothing to hide or there is nothing to be afraid of exposing your mind.

My blog is to make my thoughts visible. What I write is what I think. What I think is what I consider right. It does not matter whether the reader agrees with my ideas. It is not my wish to convince anyone of my ideas. I will be happy if someone reads my mind. I will be happier if someone can make me change my mind.



marie zayc said...

I have not yet read or heard anything from you I disagreed with!

Thank you for constantly creating new ways to communicate and spread your knowledge.


cristaldragon52 said...

Dear Joseph,
The fact that there is nothing to be afraid of exposing one's mind does not mean (IMO), that one can show it to anyone. Every coin has two faces. Every one has its part of obscurity,that's human condition. Negatives thoughts are like clouds in a pure blue sky; the thing is to not take them for real and put them into action. Only the enlightened one has no dark side because he transformed all clouds into the blue sky. He "has" no mind, he "is" the mind, the pure blue sky.
When I make a Feng Shui audit or a 4 Pillars analysis, I keep many things I see for me (unless I see that it is possible for them to really understand and change something), because it would make suffer poeple. I myself suffered so much having be able to have a glimpse in my destiny that I would prefer if I could that I never did.
Is it really possible to say everything one knows?

Jean-Michel from domaine-du-dragon

Master Jodi said...

There is no room for dust in a mind that is clear and pure.


Maria Jerkunica said...

Dear Joseph,
I think you are very different from most people. I would say your thoughts on a subject are valuable for your students. The subject we're trying to learn is abstract. I welcome any ideas or feelings you have. The group tends to get stuck in rhetoric at times but I will choose to hear the spirit of what you are saying not just the words.

Jeannie said...

It is always so very enlightening to hear your ideas and words, understanding them fully is another story :-)


Prima said...

Thinking aloud is great when that person has a good basic and foundation of the subject. It becomes a possible solution or idea.

However, when a person have no basic or half-cooked fundamentals, his thought is like the "empty or half filled vessel" which only make noise that has no meaning or is misleding.

For example, there is no ancient text that written on feng shui for high rise building or apartment. All the difference version of how to feng shui such a building is based on the author's fundamentals. As readers, we are either guided or misguided.

TY Tan

Jeannie said...

This is a repeat message.

It is always very enlightening to read and hear your ideas/words, but fully understanding them is another story :-)


Aida Beatriz Tito said...

Dear Master,

I´m so happy you decided to open you personal blog.

I was waiting to hear you "thinking aloud" in 2008, but as it won´t be possible I´ll take this one as my great opportunity to begin to understand the "way" you think.
From Argentina

P.S.: you gave me my first lesson today...blogs are not only for teenagers!!!

Temara said...

A person is only as sick as their secrets. No secrets, no sickness.