Monday, July 30, 2007

仁者樂山 智者樂水

The benevolent love mountains
The wise love waters.

It means different people have different tastes.
From the Feng Shui point of view, the saying is interesting.

Mountains take care of people 山管人丁
Waters take care of wealth 水管財祿.

Noble mountains can affect the character of people and make them kind and honorable.
Beautiful water can help people do business wisely.

The study of Feng Shui begins with the appreciation of mountains and waters. Mountains and waters are everywhere if you do not take their literal meanings.



CaitanyaRupa said...


Mountains(life challenges) when climbed (if climbed carefully and properly) will build our strength and character - challenges make us better and stronger - best are to begin with the more gentle mountains or challenges and build up to the more difficult.

Mountains that are too austere or severe can break us. Mountains which are Noble and benefic can cause us to grow.

The intelligent learn to see the Qi of the mountains they choose to climb.

Just some thoughts.

Caitanya Rupa

CaitanyaRupa said...


Water is what flows and nurtures our life. It is Yang/active. As Mountains are not only what we climb, but what shelters and supports us. Our basic principles, foundation, where we sit in life. Water is our actions and expressions.

If water in this is Yang and Mountain is Yin, then one must carefully observe how they meet and embrace. Not just in form/exterior but in interiors (house and self as well).

If all life is simply the meeting of Yang and Yin, then mountain and water relate to all of life.

This leads to the question:

Where does the Period Star fall into this equation?

Proposal: If water/yang is sperm and mountain/yin is egg, then is period/base the womb?

Just some thinking out loud :-)

Thanks for your sharing your wisdom

Caitanya Rupa

Simon said...

Dear CaitanyaRupa!

In your example, I suppose womb would be the Di Pan, and the Period Star would be the conception.