Sunday, July 8, 2007

Free advertisement

One student asked me why I did not do anything to clear rumors and slander. She mentioned that some people bad-mouth me in public mailing lists.

Well, I should thank them for free advertisement. Wise people will be curious to find out the truth through my websites and a lot of them take my courses because of that. Only foolish people believe in what these people write without trying to find out the truth. These are not the people I want to teach anyway.



Riceles said...

Dear Master Yu,

Congratulations. I'm glad with your decision to blog your teachings. Thanks a lot.

When you said that "Only foolish people believe in what these people write without trying to find out the truth", remind me that Kalama Sutra also teach about these kind of people

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it".

And my Father "Don't full your mind through ears".

Thank you.

Riceles Costa

jerry said...

Dear Master Yu

I`m reading the Idiot`s guide to Feng Shui and found some contrary statements.
You say weak daymaster are not weak people but then say resource makes one resolute. Can you clarify your position?

Thank you

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Jerry

What I write in a book can only touch the surface of a deep and profound subject. The consideration of weak and strong daymasters provides some rough guidelines to read a chart. There is much more in the study of Four pillars.

What I wrote about weak daymaster being not weak people is to point out that the word "weak" here does not refer to the person. It is only a means of roughly identifying some characteristics of a chart.

"Resource makes one resolute" is a description of what resource can do. It is not the only thing that makes a person resolute and it does not mean that without resource a person cannot be resolute.

These are not contradictory statements.


jerry said...

Dear Master

Can you tell the focus of my chart?
Someone say is extraordinary? What is that?

27 july 1983 22.40

ji bing ji gui

hai chen wei hai

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Jerry

You can post your chart to the astrofengshui Yahoo group. Join here:


traditionalfengshui said...

Dear Joseph

It's hard to understand why they think all the irrational badmouthing and lies about you will achieve anything.

All that jealousy and resentment - it's like they drink the poison but wait for someone else to die...


Joseph Yu said...

Dear Antoinette

Your diagnosis is marvelous.