Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Ching Divination

The most satisfying thing to do is to help people solve their problems. In 1997, when I started building my website, I offered free I Ching reading for visitors to my website. After over 1 year, I accumulated more than 500 case studies and compiled my Simple Yijing Divination booklet based on the results. This practical ebook is available for free and readers can use it for simple divination without knowing the theory. The download is on this page:

On this page, there is another ebook that contains a mathematical analysis of a formula used in Plum Blossom Divination 梅花易數. The formula may be the work of Song Dynasty scholar Shao Yong 邵雍 or it may be not. The system, however, has been used for over 1000 years and proved to be accurate.

There may be people who claim that the formula does not cover all 384 cases of a hexagram with exactly one moving line. One arrogant person publicly discredited this system and said that it was an invalid system but he never published any proof. It was just an arrogant wild claim.

At that time I was preparing my materials for my Plum Blossom Divination seminar and I was annoyed by the ignorant arrogance of this person. I put up my little ebook that explained the mathematical analysis of the formula for the public to read. It is on the same page given by the link above. You need the password "ShaoKangJie" to open the ebook.

This ebook contains the only mathematical analysis of the formula to date. If people can point to any published work that precedes my work, he/she is welcome to let me know and I will give the author the credit. I must emphasize that my work provides a clear mathematical explanation together with a proven modification of the formula. Yet, I do not claim that my formula is better than the original formula. This is because the original formula is metaphysically valid and the system is beautiful whether invented by Shao Yong or any other wise person.

When someone has done something illegal, the judicial system will put him in jail. The purpose is to let him repent and correct his mistakes. It is not meant to punish him. That is why the jail is now called the "correctional center". If the offender of the law becomes more bitter and commit more crimes like "libel" after release, it is a pity.


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