Sunday, July 15, 2007

Video ebook

At last I am able to embed my online seminar recording in an encrypted ebook. This is the most effective way of doing online seminars.

The Feng Shui series provides solid foundation for Professional Feng Shui training. The internet technology is really wonderful.

You are invited to go to my website to download the Feng Shui Tips ebook for free.



Aida Beatriz Tito said...

Dear Master,

Will it be a single ebook containing all the series or will it be an ebook per serie?

With all my respect

Joseph Yu said...

Each 1 hour session will be recorded in one ebook which is already over 100 mb. With fast connection, it will take 2-5 minutes to download. With slower connection, it may take 25 minutes to download one ebook.


Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

I often wonder if you have your online seminars on Saturday nights to keep certain students like myself out of trouble. Well, the new moon was too powerful for me and wouldn't let me go home to attend.

The ebook has evolved to a new level. It is amazing as well as the Ba Gua seminar.

Finally, the Hou Tian Ba Gua makes perfect sense to me! Once again, you take a complicated concept and make it simple enough for someone like me to grasp it. This is your genius.