Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visit in Israel

Marina, Joseph and Teresa

Floating in the Dead Sea
The salinity of the Dead Sea is so high that one can sit on the water.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What you may encounter in the Wu Zi year

The year Wu Zi brings different things for different people. Instead of predicting what will happen to people born with different animal signs, I will analyze people who were born with a different day stem. A thorough analysis of the Four Pillars chart may be totally different as the presence of the other 7 characters in your chart may change the whole situation.

Day Stem Jia 甲:
Wu is unforeseen wealth (Do not take it literally) while Zi is proper resource.
Jia people will experience unexpected financial happenings. It can be positive or negative. Watch your wallet. On the other hand, it is a good time to learn and gain knowledge. It is also beneficial to seek support from seniors. However, you can also be spoiled by people who support you. Do not be conceited and listen carefully to advice.

Day Stem Yi 乙:
Wu is proper wealth while Zi is overwhelming resource.
Yi people will have good opportunity in making money. Be careful, it can also be a trap for you to lose money. You will have overwhelming support in your undertakings. However, this will also limit the way you perform. Seek balance between the two.

Day Stem Bing 丙:
Wu is gracious performance while Zi is proper power.
You can gain power and authority through your good performance. When you make more money through your work, do not become a threat to your boss. Stay humble and do not be disappointed if your work has not given you the proper recognition yet. People will eventually give you the proper recognition you deserve.

Day Stem Ding 丁:
Wu is shocking performance while Zi is aggressive power.
You have fantastic ideas but it can be revolutionary and not accepted by most people. Watch your behaviour and make sure it is acceptable to people around you. Do not challenge your superiors. Focus at making money while earning a good name.

Day Stem Wu 戊:
Wu represents your friends/competitors while Zi is proper wealth.
Team work is most important. Do not mind sharing the profit with people as long as you make more money working with partners than you can single-handedly. There is abundant source of money coming your way.

Day Stem Ji 己:
Wu represents your friends/competitors while Zi is unforeseen wealth.
Either you have good partners or you have strong competitors. Friends can shoulder your burden but competitors will exhaust your energy. Make a good choice. There are plentiful opportunities of making money but you need partners to work with you. Even if someone takes the lion’s share, be content with what you get.

Day Stem Geng 庚:
Wu is overwhelming resource while Zi is spectacular performance.
Your performance will be curbed by your boss and perhaps interfered by your own newly acquired knowledge. However, Zi gives you a good foundation towards your performance. What you do will be spectacular and out of the ordinary. Just remember not to use your sharp words and rebellious actions to hurt people around you. You may not like the conservative thinking and conventional approach but it is better that you keep it to yourself. Yes, you will experience some kind of conflict deep down in your heart.

Day Stem Xin 辛:
Wu is proper resource while Zi is gracious performance.
Your boss/mentor will guide you to do a good job. You can integrate your knowledge into your performance extremely well. This is a smooth year for you.

Day Stem Ren 壬:
Wu is aggressive power while Zi is a friend/competitor.
Basically you feel that you are walking on solid grounds. You will experience confrontation and pressure but you will be strong enough to withstand that. In the end, you will feel triumphant and happy. If you give up, you will feel depressed and the sense of failure is very bitter. Remember there are good friends who are with you when you are in trouble. Have the confidence in winning despite the enormous pressure.

Day Stem Gui 癸:
Wu is proper power while Zi is a friend/competitor.
Power comes to you and you will enjoy the good name and success. This will be a fantastic year for you. If you are female, you will meet your ideal companion this year. If you are married, beware of falling in love with someone you should not.