Saturday, August 5, 2017

Yang Gong Feng Shui

Last night, in my dream, I met an old man whom I might have seen in pictures of ancient books. He smiled at me, "Yang Gong, during his retirement, watched the yin and yang qi  楊公飬老看雌雄 Hahaha!" I approached him and bowed. He held my hand and said, "You have been thinking of me and that is why I come to meet you." I opened my mouth but could not say anything.

He padded my shoulder and said, "I know you are upset with people using my name to charge suckers obscene amount of money for something rubbish." I looked at him and wondered how did he know all this.

"Well, take it easy," he continued, "Only stupid people are cheated and they deserve to be victims. Don't worry about the good and clever people."

I could not talk but in my mind I wanted to ask why he was not worried about these people smearing his name by claiming to be his lineage holders.

"Never mind," He said in a calm voice, "people will know that my nick name is Yang Saving the Poor and not Yang Billionaire Manufacturer. I used Feng Shui to help the poor people to benefit from the stars so that they gained confidence and skill to make a living. This is what Feng Shui is about. It does not bring tremendous wealth to people without their honesty and effort."

I was about to ask him about whether it is true that the Emperors' tombs in the Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties were designed according to his teaching. He smiled and said, "Good Feng Shui is for the living. If a grave site has good Feng Shui, it needs the descendants to frequent the site and bathe in the qi to get the benefit. That is the core theory of my teaching. All the imperial graves and palaces were not built according to my Feng Shui technique. It is easy to see how each Dynasty deteriorated rapidly after the first few emperors."

I was like seeing lightning and thunder in my mind and woke up. Please share my dream and the true teaching of Yang Gong.

Joseph Yu


marie zayc said...

Thank you for sharing this dream.
It sounds very real... Is Yang Song still looking after the
people who seek to grasp the Ancients' knowledge?


Joseph Yu said...

Sure. It is a famous saying in Chinese 日有所思,夜有所夢 meaning whatever you think during the day, you will dream about it at night. Therefore if one thinks intensively about Yang Gong's teaching during day time, the essence of the teaching will be revealed to him at night in a dream. That is how to have first hand information from the source.


bejee44 said...

This is fascinating. I will have to look into this. Maybe this will help me. The powers of dreams have been a largely unexplored phenomenon. Anyways, I have a question but was unsure who to ask. It concerns the Plum Blossom method of consulting the I Ching.

I have recently {in the last two years or so} been trying my hand at divination via many methods of the I Ching. So far my preferred method is the Plum Blossom one. I have tried to divine an answer to a personal question I could not figure out by conventional means. I must say, the accuracy of this method of consulting the oracle has astounded me! I have made predictions that have all come true. Yet, I feel I do not trust my abilities completely for this particular question. For the most part, I've been getting positive answers {as in "yes" or "affirmative"} to my personal question from many angles but I do not know if they are trustworthy- despite the fact they are all consistent. Is there any advice you could give me for this?

Any help would be appreciated greatly,

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Bailey,

Divining for oneself has one problem: whether the diviner is optimistic, pessimistic, biased, ... etc. Even divining for other people, the problem of being biased will affect the accuracy of the divination. This can be corrected by constantly reminding oneself to be an easy mind without being affected by prejudice and other sentiments. It is hard and takes time to train the mind.