Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Beautuful Apartments

Taxes are high in Canada but take a look at what kind of free lodging you can get there:

The occupants also enjoy free meals chosen from a menu.
Who can live there?

Those behind bars:

and chat with visitors in this room:


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling and Response Between Heaven and Man

The basis of Chinese Metaphysics lies on the fact that human beings being part of the Universe can feel and respond to Heaven and Earth. This is known as Tian Di Ren Gan Ying 天地人感應. Form School Feng Shui or Xing Shi Pai 形勢派 depends on communication between Earth and Man 地人感應. Rational Qi School or Li Qi Pai 理氣派 depends on communication between Heaven and Man 天人感應. Only when both schools are integrated into one, we can obtain a complete Tian Di Ren Gan Ying.

Since the Bei Dou 北斗 constellation was most prominent to the eyes of the ancient Chinese, the seven stars from Bei Dou together with two invisible stars Zuo Fu and You Bi in the constellation became the focus of Feng Shui masters. When a star comes in contact with a person, the communication (can be one way or both ways) will generate Sheng Qi in the heart of the person. A dual communication is more powerful of course. The qi generated will affect the person's thinking and actions.

Metaphysics is the Dao while Science is the instrument 形而上者為道,形而下者為器. Dao cannot be visualized while Science is totally embraced by our five senses. Understanding Science can make a person intelligent while understanding Dao can make him wise.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The study of qi is essential for all kinds of Chinese Metaphysics. Here I have collected some terms associated with the word qi 氣. You are invited to translate or explain the meaning(s) of each term. This is a challenge to sinologists.

1)出氣 (2)運氣 (3)中氣 (4)通氣 (5)米氣 (6)激氣 (7)嘆氣 (8)咽氣 (9)忍氣 (10)嘔氣 (11)谷氣 (12)鬥氣 (13)空氣 (14)神氣 (15)脾氣 (16)老氣 (17)傲氣 (18)勞氣 (19)晦氣 (20)小氣 (21)手氣 (22)脚氣 (23)寶氣 (24)閒氣 (25)長氣 (26)人氣 (27)天氣 (28)英氣 (29)豪氣 (30)傻氣 (31)骨氣 (32)勇氣 (33)寒氣 (34)熱氣 (35)悶氣 (36)貴氣 (37)賭氣 (38)正氣 (39)邪氣 40)怒氣