Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feng Shui basics

A student asks me recently whether forms are most important in Feng Shui because a master tells him that he should only know forms and forget about stars.

Giving a simple yes/no answer to a question is never my cup of tea. This is what I tell my students all the time:

A person may be good looking or ugly. A person also has his own distinct character. He can be born with a good character or bad character. Most people are born with a mixed character. When an ugly person shows his kindness, he becomes good looking. When a person is rude and unkind, he looks ugly even if he is born handsome.

A person can be influenced by the environment and other people around to show the corresponding part of his character. If you understand this and make a good comparison between stars, forms, other stars around at different times, then you will understand how Feng Shui works.