Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An article written 12 years ago

This article was written in the year of the snake 12 years ago. It is a coincidence I picked it up again:

Our mind is a very powerful emitter of qi.

When a person is happy, he emits joyous qi, which is sheng qi and makes others feel happy.

When a person is sad, his feeling is infectious. He makes other people feel uncomfortable. This is undesirable qi.

When a person is angry, he emits antagonistic qi. His anger may be provoking, intimidating and offensive. This is sha qi.

Love is best form of sheng qi. It is the source of sublimed happiness.

Hate is the worst form of qi. It is the mother of all kinds of sha qi. (Sorry for the political incorrectness, but "mother" is more direct than "parent").

A harmonious environment (a place with good feng shui) provides the right elements to create sheng qi. It still needs positive and creative thinking to make things true. When the feng shui is good, the person will be more energetic and confident in what he is
doing. When a person is engaged in an undertaking, if he has nothing but success in his mind, he will succeed.

However, the power of the mind should not be abused to have unrealistic intentions. It is useless to write down that you will make a million on a piece of paper and put it in a red envelope and chant 49 times a day. It does not work. You have to work hard with
determination to succeed. It is the way to use your intention.

The proper way to employ Feng Shui technique is to create a harmonious environment so that you can enjoy the good qi that encourages you to work with a good intention.