Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melodic Elements

Melodic Elements (Na Yin Wu Xing) is one of the many representations of the five elements. My ebook explains the theory and applications in details.

To appreciate the melodic elements, you are welcome to download the pps file:


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Olympics 2008-08-08 8pm

The four pillars structure has a very strong water base formed by Shen-Zi-Chen. With respect to the Day Stem Geng, water is performance. We can expect the performance of the athletes to be excellent.

The hour chosen is not really good. If 8 am is chosen instead of 8 pm, the hour pillar will be Geng Chen. It indicates more cooperation and competition in a friendly way. The problem with 8 pm is that there is a clash between the hour and day branches. The hour stem Bing fire sitting on the bank of fire is what is known as Pian Guan that can attack the Day Master Geng. This indicates some bickering towards the host on political issues. It does not hurt the event as a whole as water is too strong for the fire to be harmful.

If the hour chosen is 6 pm instead, then the financial return is much better.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Olympics 2008

The opening ceremony is chosen to be 2008-08-08-8 pm.

The date is not chosen just because of all the 8's.

Examine the four pillars chart, the XKDG chart and the QMDJ chart, you will know that it is not just coincidence.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


The following is quoted from a Buddhist book. You will find the situation amazingly similar in Daoism,Confucianism and Feng Shui.

"Buddhism was regarded as an educational system, and not a religion when it was first introduced intoChina. Regretfully, about two hundred years ago, the practice of Buddhism had taken on a more religious facade.

Buddhism is a special kind of knowledge; it is not areligion. In order to derive true benefit from it, we have to understand its true nature. Buddhism is the teaching of Buddha Shakamuni as he wasits founder. We call Him the "Original teacher". The relationship between Buddha and ourselves is a teacher-student relationship, which is not religious in nature. The relationship between a Bodhisattva and ourselves is a senior schoolmate-junior schoolmate relationship. "

A teacher can only educate us about the principles, tell us of his/her experiences in practice and attainment, and suggest various methods for our attainment. The rest ultimately depends upon us. "Well, well, in Feng Shui education, what we learn is the teaching of the great masters in the past. We are learning from the great masters themselves through their written work. A teacher is responsible to educate his/her students about the principles, and tell them his/her experiences in practice and attainment. The first part is fundamental. The second part is only a guideline and sharing experimental results.

A good teacher must teach the fundamental principles and his/her experiments (practices) must be based on these principles. It is not sufficient to say that this is what my teacher told me and he is the most experienced teacher today. Anything not based on principles is not worth trying because it is dangerous. An experiment is only to verify a theory. We should not practise anything blindly without a theoretical background.

Today, we see a lot of smart people start teaching immediately after attending a seminar. This is irresponsible. That is why I spread out the teaching of Qi Men Dun Jia to cover a one-year on-going intensive course and assign a lot of practical work throughout the course. But I still require my students to have enough practical work to verify the theories before they are qualified to teach.


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