Monday, August 24, 2009

Daode Jing: Chapter 81 信言不美

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Will or the Petition to Heaven?

The plaintiff in this case launched several charges:

1. This will is forged.
2. This will was written when Nina Wang was so ill that her mind was unsound.
3. This will is a Fung Shui will not meant to be executed.
4. This will is a supplement to the 2002 will and the residue is zero because all has been donated to Chinachem Charity Foundation.

The plaintiff has to win only in one of these four charges while the defendant has to win in all of them.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feng Shui Will vs Petition to Heaven

Mr. Szeto provided some details about the ceremony of Rebirth after Death 死後重生法事 in his report. When a person is in great danger in life, he can go through a process to shake off all the sins committed and live a new life. In this process, the person is required to sleep in a coffin for at least one day. For the other 48 days, his finger nail, hair and four pillars chart on a little tablet will take the place of the person. There is also to be a Petition to Heaven for Continuance of Life after Rebirth 死後重生续命奏章 drafted under the guidance of a certain god. This god (or a group of gods) will bring the petition to the Jade Emperor 玉皇大帝 who is supposed to be the supreme god in Heaven.

In the petition, the name of the petitioner together with his date and hour of birth is included. The request (winning a lawsuit, recovery from terminal illness, etc.) is stated. A promise is made to Heaven to bequeath a huge sum of money for charity purposes. The sum of money can be a substantial part of what the person possesses and the larger the amount shows the higher degree of sincerity.

Such a practice is quite common and popular in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan). We have no doubt about this.

Mr. Szeto emphasized on the inclusion of asking for God's help is mandatory in the written document. This document is meant to be burnt to reach Heaven. This obviously is a traditional Daoist Religion 道教 teaching.

A Daoist Master incorporates Daoist technique into his Fung Shui practice is understandable. In the same way, some Feng Shui practitioners in the West also incorporates Dowsing into the practice. However, Dowsing and Daoist ceremonies should not be considered Fung Shui unless such practices can actually improve the principal purpose of the flow of qi to acquire results.

We cannot find any similarity between the 2006 Will and a Petition as described except for the phrase "guided with God help" in the Will. It is not a Petition. It is a Will.

I find it hard to be convinced that a Will is the same as a Petition. If Tony Chan wins this part of the lawsuit, it is because of Mr. Szeto's inability to prove that the 2006 Will is a so-called Fung Shui Will. It is not because of my ability to prove that it is not. In fact, I cannot and did not attempt to prove anything.

Outside the court, Mr. Szeto told the reporters that he wore white on the day he was cross-examined because white represents righteousness and it is righteous to help to win the case for charity. Well, he forgot that an expert witness is not there to help either the plaintiff or the defendant. It would be better if he said it is righteous to help the court to make the correct judgement. I could also say that I wore deep blue and blue represents wisdom. I was there to help the court to make a wise judgement.