Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mystifying Yin House Feng Shui is a Fraud

Feng Shui is just the technique of using beneficial qi in the Universe. It is about how to employ Heaven qi and Earth qi to help Human qi to work. The importance of yin house Feng Shui lies on the fact that Heaven qi and Earth qi intercourse more naturally and easily in the country side to give birth to the most powerful sheng qi. The art of yin house Feng Shui was known as the art of benevolence and filial duty 仁孝之術. It is not magic as marketed by a lot of fraudulent Feng Shui "masters" that if your ancestor is buried in a wonderful dragon's node 龍穴, then you will be rich and famous in no time.

The secret of yin house Feng Shui lies in the requirement of the descendants visiting the grave site every now and then. They must spend some time there to get the benefit of the sheng qi in the long xue. Merely burying the dead there is a waste of good Feng Shui. You have to be there frequently thinking about your ancestors there so that Heaven, Earth and Man qi can mingle well to help you.

Forget about the formulas invented in the past. They work but not to the extent the fraudulent "masters" claim. The most important ingredient is your presence there to get the qi. It is enough if you are present there and your feeling is good. That means the Feng Shui there is good for you.

If you understand this little article, you do not need to take any course and you will be better than those who have bought the title of Feng Shui Master after spending a few days to learn from a so-called Sifu.

Joseph Yu