Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

I always practise what I teach. As a matter of fact, before I am satisfied with the result, I do not teach such practices. Xuan Kong Da Gua is one of my favourite topics. Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection is what I always use before doing something very important.

I early 2008, one day after lunch in a restaurant, I passed by a bank and was invited to go in to take a look at their products. I was interested in their self-serviced online stock and share investment. After watching how simple it was to place orders, I decided to open an account and start trading. Well, I went home and use Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection to find a day and time that the gua qi communicate well with my own hexagram structure and went to open an account on that day and precisely that hour.

In 2008, the stock market was a typical bear market. However, I started with 100,000 dollars and by year end, my account was worth 132,000 dollars. During 2008, Dow Jones fell from 13,000 level to 9,000 level.

In August 2009, I added another 100,000 dollars to my account and by year end, the portfolio was worth 280,000 dollars. The return for the two years was not bad especially 2008 when most people lost money.

I also use Date Selection when I sell a house or lease a house. During the recent 5 years, I have sold my office, two houses and leased a house twice. I selected the date and hour to sign a contract with a realtor each time. The houses were all sold within 1 week with good price. The house for lease was also smoothly rented to people who took good care of the home and it took less than a week to have it rented.

I am sure there are a lot more successful case studies from my students who really practise this art.



Simon said...

Dear Master Yu,

Good to hear that the arrangements are quite smooth in your region. At other places, it is not always so. What can you suggest for the cases when the other contractor unexpectedly delays the signing to another day? Or what if the contractor is just late some hours due to traffic or other reasons?

It seems it is worth to check several dates and times to suggest a good one for the next time.

Joseph Yu said...

Dear Simon,

I try my best to select office hours but since the realtor is my friend, I sometimes choose night time as well. If in your case it is technically not possible, then it is just too bad.


Anonymous said...

加油!充實內函最重要!Beauty is but skin- deep.

Mary Catherine Bax said...

Dear Joseph,

I've used Xuan Da Gua in selecting a wedding date for two clients. They both still appear to be happily married and said their wedding days were happy.

It is hard for me to know if this is a result of Xuan Da Gua, the Feng Shui I've done for them or simply their destiny.

I do recall the skeptic project manager we worked with on the new construction for the club house of a private golf club. You had chosen the day to break ground in the fall and by summer solstice of the next year the building was complete.

The project manager who is well respected in the construction business, told me he never seen a building go up with such ease. New homes are rarely done that fast. There weren't even delays due to weather.
Before the job was to start there was potential of a strike that never materialized.

The job was finished early which meant it came in under budget.


Feng Shui Maestro said...

Dear Master Yu,

I will share one of the many success stories using XKDG.

I also used it to sell a house in July of 2008. The market was getting soft and a crash was imminent. My Realtor was telling me that similar houses on the market were still not sold after over 2 months. Banks had stopped giving out loans due to the mortgage crisis.

I asked my Realtor to put the "For Sale" sign out at a particular spot in the front lawn (to communicate with the door according to XKDG) and also at an exact hour (calculated according to XKDG date selection).

Within less than one month the house was sold to a buyer who paid with CASH!

Thanks for your powerful teachings!

Blessings, Ying

Antje said...

Dear Joseph,

May I ask if you also used Wen Wang Gua additionally to XKDG for choosing the stocks before buying them?

BTW I remember that you taught in the very first XKDG seminar you gave something a bit different than in the following ones. I have to say that I found it interesting that the first version showed some fascinating results as well for me – also when not using the door as the reference point.

My conclusion was and still is that XKDG has a lot to do with the own mind and the personal communication with the universe. It´s not just about applying the formula. That´s why it might work differently for different kind of people. Also I cannot really conclude that the right match of the hexagram of the people is so important.

During my university time I shared an apartment with another student. And I remember two very remarkable results with statistical pretty unusual results for both at the same time although we had totally different 4P charts. So it was not possible to take care of everything matching for two. Also it didn´t matter if it was a wealth activation or a peach blossom activation, it nevertheless worked for both. Anyway for avoiding jealousy this was surely a good thing.

As I found the XKDG has a lot of negative sides as well I´m personally actually more busy with advanced law of attraction things using mind power only. I find this more flexible.
I.e. recently I did some qi-activation for a friend for preparing her for a salary discussion with her boss. She said she felt confident, smart, relaxed and clear in mind during the whole 2 hours of the discussion. And as a result she gets now Euro 900 more per month which is not bad for someone in Germany who doesn´t work in a high leading position.

And another application with using mind power only I did last Saturday night with manifesting a great parking place right in front of a big dancing club here in Berlin. It was intended to get the same cool parking place as last time and indeed we got the very same parking place after 30 seconds of waiting. It was already a bit scary…

My two cents,

Foon Chik said...

Dear Master Joseph

Let me tell the story of the first time I used date selection.

It was in 2006, a few days after returning from Toronto where I had attended the XKDG seminar and I kept waking up in the middle of the night. I was pregnant at the time and baby would just kick me at night. I tried to watch some television, but there was nothing interesting on and the baby was still kicking. I wandered around the house thinking what should I do, when I remembered I wanted to enter a competition for mums to be to win a video camera and baby toiletries and I had not got round to it. I went to my computer and on my desk were the file and notes from the recent XKDG seminar. Out of curiousity I checked the date and time to see if it would be an auspicious time and it wasn't, but if I waited until the next hour, it was. So I made a camomile tea and waited. At the right time, I got on to the competition website, input my details, the answers to the multiple choice questions, and thought of something to write in the last box as to why I should win. I cannot remember what I wrote. I do remember joking to my husband the following day that we didn't need to buy a video camera because I was going to win one in a competition and he said words to the effect that loads of people enter these competitions and I was unlikely to win. A few days later, whilst I was out of the house, my husband took a phone call to say we had won a video camera and rather a lot of baby toiletries. He was gobsmacked!

More recently, earlier this month, I cleaned and re-started the water fountain at an auspicious time with the thought that I would get news on something that was in the pipeline. A few days later, I did get some news, not on what I had in mind, on something else that I had forgotten about because it was such a long time since the people concerned had contacted me. I am now involved in some new discussions.

When I look at the photobook of the March 2006 seminars, it always makes me smile.

Thanks for all your teachings!

Unknown said...

Dear Antje,

Could you please explain more about the mind power method that you mentioned?

All the best,

Antje said...

Dear Naseeb,

Maybe I should add that human communication and perception is my favorite study field since 13 years now. The metaphysics is some part of it, but I´m also busy with Western psychology, a bit of brain research and other Western knowledge.

Several years ago someone pointed me to the „Law of Attraction“ theory. After reading several books about it I woke up one morning with some idea or with more scientific words - “a hypothesis”.

The basic idea from Law of Attraction is to set an intention and then trust the universe to get it. Another dear person pointed me to some things to refine this basic knowledge to make things more effective. But it´s quite a lot of work to train the own mind so I´m still busy with improving skills. The cool thing is at advanced stage it´s also possible to activate qi for other people. I´m especially interested on using it for improving health issues to help other people. And I´m also still testing and training with a few people who are busy with this too.

But I hope you understand that I don´t wanna explain for free all the details on how I do that. ;-)

Best wishes

joey said...

No you dont. There`s a crisis and you need money.
But then, why dont you use the Law of attraction to make money instead of charging naseeb and others for your precious secret?

Antje said...

Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your feedback.

You don´t need to worry, I´m using law of attraction for earning money as well. It´s actually not my intention to earn some millions with selling the "formula", teaching others. I earn my daily bread with other things. I just don´t see a reason to explain all the details and especially not for free on this blog as I have spent a lot of time and effort for studying myself. Also the method does not create any instant millionairs as less as any other method. Until now I use it for friends only.

Additionally I need to add that I´m aware of the fact that most people who haven´t tested it for themselves would not pay a single Cent for any "strange formula" from somebody out of the internet they don´t know at all. I would not do that myself so I don´t expect others would do so.
You are in good company...


Unknown said...

Dear Antje,

Thank you for your reply!

This 'Law of Attraction' seems interesting and worth exploring. You talked about qi activation by different methods other than FS. Are you refering to Human Qi?

Of course you decide what to share on public forums for free :)

Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your comment. Actually, I do not expect to get everything free in life. In some way I understand Antje.

Best regards,

AlanChong said...

Hi Master Yu,
There are so many methods of Date Selection. What has been your experience with XKDG relative to other methods? (some methods i have heard of are 12 Officer, Gods and Devils, Dong Gong)

Thank you.

Joseph Yu said...

Hi Alan,

I prefer XKDG date selection method as the theory is quite rigorous and I have tested it to have excellent results.

Most other date selection methods provide only formulas without rigorous developement of theory.


joey said...

how does one use XKDG for selection of flight? I have one for 10 june at Mao hour.Fire burns metal in Bazi and most stems have no root that day. Do you use the Bazi chart or stems in XKDG?


Joseph Yu said...

Hi Paulo,

XKDG converts the 60 stem-branch binomial into 64 hexagrams (4 binomials correspond to 2 hexagrams each). Then we consider how the gua qi of the four pillars of a certain day and hour communicate with each other. When the qi flow among the hexagrams satisfies certain conditions, it is auspicious in specified ways. Moreover, XKDG date selection is about communication between Heaven, Earth and Man. The Earth part comes from a hexagram that is involved in a specified space. The Man part comes from the day hexagram or the year hexagram of the person's four pillars chart.

I only use XKDG date selection when I really start something very important. For example, I would not use it when I actually trade in the stock market. It is unrealistic to use date selection for everything. I also do not use Wen Wang Gua unless there is something I cannot see clearly and need guidance. When my logical analysis of the situation yields a conclusion, I do not use divination as it is unnecessary.

According to statistics, accidents occur with higher probability traveling by car than by air. Since no sane person will use date selection before driving a car, it will be insane to use date selection to pick the flight.


joey said...

well, in my case it can be a short trip or a major move, it depends on a lot of things. I found out that having a good job didnt increase my self esteem much, and i´m still not happy here,although I have no Moving branches( Tiger,Monkey etc). I dont like those rootless Xin and Geng stems

joey said...

by the way, my destiny star chart 74 says Tiger years are miserable. 1998 was miserable until I moved East towards a good 9 ki direction
on 19 july

joey said...

Hi Joseph
If there is loving relation betwen Jia-ji why is there no such relation betwen ji-ren or gui-bing, since they dont really clash? Is it only on account of gender?

nancyng.perfume online store said...

Master Yu,
This is Lucy, why is it all the fengshui master's help to me result in nothing?

Am i not meeting the right master or is it my karma not to be able to enjoy some good things in life?

why is fengshui like a fairy tale to me? Jumbo the flying elephant.

i am so sad, paying so much yet I see no result of me getting an employment is really shaken me to also believes in my Bad bazi.

Master Yu lend me your magic wand, help me pls

Lucy Ng

Unknown said...

Dear Master Yu,

I'm interested in the XKDG date selection technique, and hoped to study it in between my busy work schedule.

Do you have an english book on this that I could purchase?


Joseph Yu said...

Hi Rommel

I only offer a XKDG correspondence course: