Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can destiny be changed?

The book "Liao Fan's Four Lessons - A Classic Work About How to Change One's Destiny" is an insightful book. The entire book has been translated and can be found in this website:

The high accuracy of Destiny Reading is very much exaggerated in the beginning of the story. In the end, the hero of the story changed his destiny by his good deeds and the accuracy became 0.

The moral of the story is:

Destiny Reading can be highly accurate but we can change our destiny to make all predictions highly inaccurate. Therefore, the art of Destiny Reading is to advice people how to live a meaningful life within certain limits. A good astrologer can predict accurately your path of life according to your natal chart. A better astrologer can advise you how to make the prediction inaccurate to your favour.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Art of Life Reading

Let us examine Tiger Wood's 4 Pillars chart:

--------------------Hour -------Day -------Month ------Year

Yi乙 on the year pillar represents his wife sitting on a firm root Mao 卯. However, this root is threatened by the penalty by the month branch Zi 子, which is the peach blossom.

The current period has branch You 酉 that clashed Mao 卯 making the wife element floating thus damaging the foundation of the marriage. You again is a peach blossom. The stem Yi of the luck pillar represents a woman but this is not even a mistress because of the floating nature. It represents casual sex partners.

The picture is clear but the art of life reading is not about accuracy. It is how the astrologer can provide useful advice.

The stem Wu 戊 above Zi in the month pillar is an internal combination. In other words, it can reduce the damage done by Zi. Resource Wu 戊 represents an adviser. If someone can advise Tiger to stay away from damaging peach blossom and focus on his performance (Zi), then the strong water (from Hai, Zi and Chou which is the year branch for 2009) will dissolve the clash between You and Mao. This will save the marriage.

With the help of a good astrologer, one can change his fate. Does it mean that astrology is not accurate? Well, the art of life reading is to help people live in the best way according to destiny. An astrologer is to give guidance to the client what colours to add to make his life a beautiful picture. Good life reading should not be accurately saying, "You are doomed to divorce".


Friday, December 4, 2009

Making something simple complicated

Simple is beautiful.
The poem I learnt in my school days that still stays in my mind:
"Beauty is truth and truth beauty."

Well, a lot of people try hard to make simple things complicated to show how knowledgeable they are. One example is about the teaching of Three Cycles and Nine Periods (San Yuan Jiu Yun 三元九運).

Great Feng Shui masters in the past knew a lot about astronomy and geography. They definitely knew that Jupiter and Saturn do not meet in exactly 20 year cycles and could not have related San Yuan Jiu Yun to Jupiter and Saturn movements. Even the alleged relation between Sui Xing 歲星 and Jupiter 木星 is only a beautiful misunderstanding.

Masters in the past knew that there were 60 year cycles according to the Jia Zi combinations. They also knew that there were 9 stars that take turn to rule in Heaven. The ruling star is called a Ling Xing 令星. The term of office is 20 years. Why?

It is simple mathematics that the LCM of 60 and 9 is 180. When 180 is divided by 60, the result is 3 and hence 3 cycles of 60 Jia Zi. When 180 is divided by 9, the result is 20 and hence 9 periods of 20 years each. It is a simple piece of mathematics. Remember that Mathematics is the Queen of Sciences. It is interesting to note that some people who claim that Feng Shui is scientific simply ignore the simple and beautiful mathematics and go for the more complicated astronomy for answers.

We are in Period 1 today? No way.