Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eating with fingers

Several years ago, I had a wonderful experience eating in a high class restaurant in Inda. It was a fish cooked in a huge oven. The fish was first soaked in a pot of yogurt and then paced inside a very hot clay oven. When it was ready, the fish was taken out and served in a dish. When the cover was removed, the fragrant was incredible.

Then came the problem. I was not given chopsticks or fork and knife. So I followed my friends to try to eat the fish with my five fingers (not ten). The yogurt sealed up the moisture in the fish and the taste of the yogurt integrated into the fish and the combination was so good I couldn't describe it in words. What was best was that when the fish got into the mouth, the temperature was just right. You see, it it was too hot, my fingers could tell me to wait. Using chopsticks or a fork would put your mouth and tongue in danger of being scorched.

The story tells us that using five fingers, a pair of chopsticks or a fork and a knife all have their merits. There is no need to force one way on another.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


How many lives can you see and how many are there you cannot see?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Science and Metaphysics

Eisnstein said, "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

He did not specify which religion he was referring to. There is one important ingredient common to all religions. It is that a human being is not just a walking piece of meat. A human being has a spirit to guide his actions. In this respect, what he said can also be applied to metaphysics. It will read, "Science without metaphysics is lame, metaphysics without science is blind."

The definition of death has changed with time. It first cited the stoppage of breathing. Then it was defined as when the heart stops beating. Now it refers to brain death. It is getting closer and closer to the truth. In metaphysics, death is the permanent desertion of the body by the spirit occupying the body.

Without acknowledging the existence of spirits, science will be limping along. Without using logical argument and scientific technique, the practice of metaphysics cannot see light ahead.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life is like a computer game

Life is like a programmed computer game. You are given the weapons that you choose at different stages. This is like acquiring different skills in life that help us to walk our paths. If we choose wrong weapons, we will fail early. If we choose a different path at a crossroad, we will also face different enemies. The weapon used to defeat the enemy may be different. We have our choice.

Astrology can tell us what we may encounter at different stages of our lives. It does not, however, predict when we will die. It does not even predict whether we can beat our enemies and have good achievement. We are in our own hands, in other words.

A good astrologer can tell you what you will have to deal with at different stages of your life. He will tell you what weapons to choose to effectively overcome difficulties and achieve high in life. He will also tell you what to avoid and what to follow in order to live a meaningful life. But he will not tell you when you will get married, divorced, sick and die. Instead, he may tell you when you will meet your loved one and whether or not your marriage will be enjoyable. Then it helps you to decide whether or not to get married or just enjoy a sweet but not lasting relationship without commitment. He will also tell you which parts of your body are vulnerable to illness and when it is most dangerous.

Astrology, Yijing Divination, Qi Men Dun Jia are all such constructive systems. They help us to go in the right direction in life to have the most beneficial results. Unfortunately, all these systems are abused by most people to treat them as fortune telling systems. It brings them down to a worthless level.