Friday, November 29, 2013

Destiny Reading for John Doe (3)

It happens that Bill Gates has the same Four Pillars chart as John Doe. Can we see how the chart fits his life?

In this third article of the series I will employ some technical terms so that it is easier for people who have studied Four Pillars to follow more closely.

When we read a chart, the best way to understand it is to see how the qi moves about in relation to the Day Master. Here in this chart the Day Master is Ren . Since we are talking about the life of a person, it is natural to talk about fame and fortune, intelligence, support, friends and enemies, his character and way of doing things. Well, one path of qi flow is from Yi to Bing that clashes the Day Master. This path indicates how he uses his talents to create his productions that turns into money pouring onto him. Also note that Yi for Ren Day Master represents performance unrelated to what he learns from traditional education. To understand this path, we have to assess the level of his intelligence and how abundant is the wealth. Yi wood sits right on the storage tank Wei of wood but it is born at Hai indicating he has great creativity and abundant ideas. This idea turns into products that sell well and it is important to make good use of the money that comes to him in a clash that may be damaging if there is no path to drain it away. The next part of the path is to see how the wealth qi goes down to the three branches Wei and Xu . Wei and Xu are the qi of power that provide a path for the surplus wealth qi to go but at the same time these branches contain good source of wealth qi. The more wealth is drained, the more will come to fill the space.

Now power does not appear on any stem in this chart. This indicates that he is a low key leader. The way to run his business is to provide a guideline for his employees to follow his vision of the market trend and the world of tomorrow. There is no need to exercise his power to run the company. It was wise for him to give up the post of CEO to someone he trusts when his company is well established. Instead, he becomes more involved in philanthropic activities and this is the right thing to do when there is too much money. The power in his chart is more inclined to fame rather than the literal sense of power. The fame then turns into support that appears on the hour stem Xin . You can view Xin as his fans. Just count the number of users of his products – Windows, Microsoft Office, etc. The supportive qi then flows to strengthen the Day Master Ren and its root Hai so that he can withstand the potential damage brought by the clash with wealth. 

A look at the luck pillars should reveal more. Luck runs from west to south that helped him to develop silent leadership in his school days and then 30 years of tremendous wealth later when luck goes through Wei, Wu and Si. During Gui Wei and Ren Wu, the water meeting Yi to strengthen his production instead of attacking his wealth. He wisely provides people with support to create software that can perform on his platform. This turns potential competitors into partners. Even during the ten years with Ren clashing Bing, the damage is minimal as most of the force exerted by Ren turns into the year stem Yi that in turn strengthens the wealth stem Bing instead of taking it away. 

What about the more threatening Xin Si luck pillar? Xin combines with Bing that should also remove his wealth? Well, Xin has to clash against Yi on the Year pillar first before reaching Bing. The clash prevents Bing and Xin from combining and the wealth is intact. However, it indicates that his conservative thinking (Xin being Proper Resource) has a negative effect on his products. In fact, he underestimated the smart phone market and missed the train. However, the impact on his wealth is not too serious as his other products are simply cash cows. With the same reasoning, the intended clash between Si and Hai also does not happen as most of the energy of Si has been used up to strengthen the other three branches minimizing the impact of the clash.

The following website provides more detailed information about the life of Bill Gates:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Destiny Reading for John Doe (2)

John Doe was born in a month that is considered untimely for him. This usually implies that he cannot enjoy what wealth can bring him. However, the hour of birth was excellent to compensate this. Since the hour pillar refers to what he can acquire after birth, this is particularly important. It gives him the sense of belonging and confidence to pursue what he likes. This will also allow him to enjoy the tremendous wealth that comes to him. What is on the month pillar is wealth in this chart and it comes in unbelievably huge amounts. If he was not born in this favourable hour, the wealth that comes will seriously hurt him physically and in other ways. 

The first three pillars in the chart provide him with a lot of power but it does not appear on the visible parts of the pillars. This means that he has strong ambition but he does not expose it to others. Even when he can easily acquire power because of his wealth, he does not behave like a powerful person. Rather he will assign the duty of leadership to others as long as they follow his line of approach. 

The wealth in this chart is further strengthened by his performance on the first pillar. The beauty of his output/performance comes from the two supports on the invisible parts of the year and hour pillars which form a valuable strategic relationship. The beauty lies on the fact that there is no conflict between performance and power. 

Resource in this chart appears on the hour pillar well supported by the month and day pillars from below. It is obvious that he comes from a good family that can give him full support when he was young and later he is also well supported by having a happy marriage. 

This is the chart of a successful man who has ambition but he does not show off or exercise his power visibly. Money is made by his production and it comes in such a way that few people can enjoy. What he learns in school is not responsible for his performance. He is just talented but he needs to make good use of his talent and convert it into remarkable production that brings money. Failing to do this will ruin the potential of the chart and his success will not be as spectacular. Normally wealth and knowledge are in conflict but in this chart the arrangement is perfect. They are both contributing to John Doe instead of hindering each other.

Examining how the luck goes along the path of his life should reveal more details. During the years between 37 and 47 it appears that he meets strong competition that may take away a lot of money from him. However, the strategically positioned output/performance on the first pillar turns things around. The competition only strengthens his production to make it a win-win situation for everyone.

At a glance, it appears that the 10 years between 47 and 57 bring him serious problems. His product is under attack and there will be a serious battle that affects the amount of money he used to make in these 10 years. Money matters will attack his confidence if not handled properly. Fortunately the strong power basis from his authority and fame can absorb the problem coming from the money battle. 

The situation is even more serious during the 10 years between 57 and 67. His talent and his products are losing lustre. There is also a serious challenge to his leadership. Since he has never been behaving like a dictator, the underground power struggle can be redirected in a peaceful way. However, if he cannot find someone to manage the business to catch up with the ever changing world, there is the danger of his products losing the leading position. This will affect the money and fame. He must change his direction and approach to develop new products in a revolutionary way.  

The 10 years from 67 to 77 shows even stronger performance. Great production is expected. Just wait to see.

The chart is one that has great potential to be the destiny chart of an extremely successful man. However, the chart structure also indicates strongly that the person must live a life according to the path suggested. Failing this, life will be entirely different.