Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Broken Fan Divination 斷扇占

One day, a woman whose husband had left home for a long time went to seek advice from the famous diviner Li Chun Feng 李淳風602AD670AD. Li was not home and his son opened the door. The woman said, “My husband left home 6 months ago and I want to ask your father for a divination.” While she was talking, her fan dropped to the floor and the face of the fan severed from the bones. Li’s son said, “The flesh separates from the bones - you will never see him again 骨肉分離,不得相見矣.” The woman was very sad and went home weeping.


On the way she met Li who was going home. She told him what his son said. It was still the Chen hour 辰時.

Li got the hexagram Dui on Kun with line 3 moving to Dui on Gen.
He told the woman, “You are dressed properly when you see your father but you are undressed when you see your husband 穿衣見父,脱衣見夫. Go home and prepare good dinner to welcome your husband tonight.”
Li’s son was too hasty to draw conclusion with only the external inference from the fan dropping to the floor. His father got the hexagram, the core of the divination. Even in the original book “Mei Hua Xin Yi 梅花心易” the use of the hexagrams was not disclosed in this example. This makes the story incomplete and the explanation not convincing. To learn the full version of Plum Blossom Divination, go there: http://www.astro-fengshui.com/courses/plum%20blossom.html .


Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Story of Chen Tuan

I wrote a little story of Chen Tuan and posted it on my Four Pillars group of my correspondence students. I have compiled their responses into a little ebook:


You are welcome to download this ebook and voice your opinion here in this blog.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calabash and Dui Gua

From the Song of Flying Stars (飛星賦): 

Seven with a strange calabash form,
Medical and divining professions will bring prosperity.


The flying star 7 originates from the Dui trigram of the Ba Gua. Dui in the Xian Tian Ba Gua and Xun in the Hou Tian Ba Gua occupy the same position. Dui is something attached to a vine until severed eventually. This comes from Shuo Gua Zhuan 説卦傳: ...爲附决.

What the Song of Flying Stars says is that if the mountain star 7 is supported by a calabash shaped mountain, then the people have the potential of becoming a famous medical doctor or a diviner. On the other hand, if the water star 7 is supported by calabash shaped water, then the people can practice medicine or metaphysics to have success. 

Understanding the Yijing is fundamental to the practice of Feng Shui. Do not be misled by big mouths claiming to have learned from a recognized lineage without the basic understanding of Yi.


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Story of Fate

Once there was a famous master who could tell people's future with great accuracy. He was then known as the living fairy 生神仙. One day, a man came for a reading. The living fairy said, "Tomorrow you will be crashed by a car and die."

The man went home and thought, "I will stay home tomorrow the whole day and remove his teeth day after tomorrow." Removing a person's teeth means to disprove a person's words and destroy his credibility.

The person lived in a house with a loft overlooking the living room. In the afternoon the next day, he felt drowsy and slept on the sofa. His young son was playing on the loft with his new toy car made of steel. Well, the car dropped from the loft, hit the man on his head and he died of the "car-crash".

Determined fate? What is your opinion? I will tell mine after reading yours.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plum Blossom Divination

You may have heard that when a person goes to a really skillful diviner, he does not even have to ask any questions. The diviner simply tells him what problem he is facing and suggests a solution. “The enquirer does not need to ask questions 來人不用問.”

Divination depends a lot on inspiration. Inspiration comes from the three essentials 三要: use the eyes, use the ears and use the heart (mind). Plum Blossom Divination is not rote learning of formulas or steps. The ultimate goal of learning Plum Blossom Divination is to reach the level of observing the surroundings and get the answer from hexagrams coming from inspiration.

In my Plum Blossom Divination Course, I have included a lot of case studies to teach how to develop this technique. For example, while attending a wedding banquet, I met a lady friend whom I have not seen for years. She looked unhappy despite the cheerful occasion. I asked her what was troubling her but she denied that she had any worries. Well, I did the divination anyway. She noticed that I did some calculation on my palm and asked, "What did you find?"

"What is revealed by Heaven is not to be leaked out 天機不可洩." I replied with a bitter smile, "Just take everything easy and let go."

A few days later she called me and admitted that she was having some problems. I explained what I found without her telling me anything about her problems. The hexagram I used was Zhong Fu 中孚 (Xun on Dui) with Line three moving to Xiao Chu 小畜(Xun on Qian).

You can download the course book from www.astro-fengshui.com . The table of contents and Chapter 1 are open and if you want to continue reading and join the course, you are welcome. The course fee is $200 payable by Paypal.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳 (11)

說卦傳   第十一章

Shuo Gua Zhuan Chapter 11

Qian is Heaven, circle, emperor, father, jade, gold, cold, ice, deep red, good horse, old horse, bony horse, piebald horse, fruit with a woody crust.


Kun is Earth, mother, cloth, caldron, frugality, level plain, mother cow, big wagon, mixed colours and shapes, multitude, handle to keep stable. Referring to earth, it is black soil.

  震為雷、為龍、為玄黃、為敷、 為大涂、為長子、為決躁、為蒼莨竹、為萑葦。 其於馬也,為善鳴、為馵足,為作足
, 為的顙。 其於稼也,為反生。 其究為健,為蕃鮮。

Zhen is Thunder, dragon, greenish yellow, progress, a highway, elder son, vigorous decision, bright green bamboo, grasses, sedges and rushes. Among horses, it represents one that neighs well, one with white hind hoof, one that runs with two feet in synchronized action simultaneously, one with a white-starred forehead. With agriculture, it represents what disappears from the surface waiting to be reborn with vigor. It is most luxuriant and beautiful.

  巽為木、為風、為長女、為繩直、 為工、為白、為長、為高、為進退、為不果、為臭。 其於人也,為寡髮、為廣顙、為多白眼、為近利市三倍。 其究為躁卦。

Xun is wood, wind, elder daughter, a rope hanging down, a carpenter’s set square, being white in colour, being long in shape, being tall in build, being progressing and receding, being indecisive, being unpleasant odor. In terms of human, it represents hair deficiency, broad forehead, non-proportionally large white part of eyes. It indicates outrageous 300% profit. It is because of its being a trigram of impatience.

  坎為水、為溝瀆、為隱伏、為矯輮、為弓輪。 其於人也,為加憂、為心病、為耳痛、為血卦、為赤。 其於馬也,為美脊、為亟心、為下首、為薄蹄、為曳。其於輿也,為丁躦。 為通、為月、為盜。其於木也,為堅多心。

Kan is water, is a trench (for irrigation), is to hide and ambush, is interchanging between straight and crooked, is a bow or a wheel. In terms of human, it represents increasing worries, distrust due to suspicion, pain in the ears. It is the trigram of blood and whatever red. In terms of a horse, it is one with an elegant spine, is one with high spirit, is one frequently drooping its head, is one with thin hoof, is one dragging its feet. In terms of wagons, it is one encountering risky situations.  It represents smoothness with no obstruction; it represents the moon, a thief (active in the dark). In terms of wood, it is hard and firm at heart.

  離為火、為日、為電、為中女、為甲冑、為戈兵。 其於人也,為大腹,為乾卦。 為鱉、為蟹、為蠃、為蚌、為龜。其於木也,為科上槁。

Li is fire, the sun, lightning, middle daughter, armour, spear and sword. In terms of human, it represents one with a big belly. It is the trigram of dryness. It represents a turtle, a crab, a conch, a clam, a tortoise. In terms of plants, it is hollow inside and rotten at the top.

  艮為山、為徑路、為小石、為門闕、為果蓏、為閽寺、為指、為狗、為鼠、為黔喙之屬。 其於木也,為堅多節。

Gen is mountain, a trail, small rocks, door or gateway, fruits on trees or creepers, watchman at the door or gateway. It represents a finger, a dog, a rat, a bird of prey. In terms of plants, it is stiff with a lot of joints.

其於地也,剛鹵。 為妾、為羊。

Dui is a marsh, a young girl, a witch, mouth and tongue. It is the image of cutting down (harvest), fruits ripen on vines and fallen off. In terms of land, it is hard and alkaline. It represents a concubine, a sheep.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳 (10)

說卦傳   第十章

  乾天也,故稱父,坤地也,故稱母﹔ 震一索而得男,故謂之長男﹔巽一索而得女,故謂之長女﹔ 坎再索而男,故謂之中男﹔ 離再索而得女,故謂之中女﹔艮三索而得男,故謂之少男﹔兌三索而得女,故謂之少女。

Shuo Gua Zhuan   Chapter 10

Qian is Heaven and therefore, father.
Kun is Earth and therefore, mother.
Zhen is formed by changing the first (line of Kun): we get a male and therefore, the eldest son.
Xun is formed by changing the first (line of Qian): we get a female and therefore, the eldest daughter.
Kan is formed by changing the second (line of Kun): a male and therefore, the middle son.
Li is formed by changing the second (line of Qian): a female and therefore, the middle daughter.
Gen is formed by changing the third (line of Kun): a male and therefore, the youngest son.
Dui is formed by changing the third (line of Qian): a female and therefore, the youngest daughter.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Shuo Gua Zhuan 說卦傳 (9)

說卦傳   第九章

Shuo Gua Zhuan   Chapter 9

Qian refers to the head; Kun, the belly; Zhen, the feet; Xun, the buttocks; Kan, the ears; Li, the eyes; Gen, the hands; Dui, the mouth.