Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Da Liu Ren Correspondence Course

It is said: 學會大六壬,來人不用問 If you have mastered Da Liu Ren, the inquirer does not need to ask any question.

It may sound strange to a lot of people who have some knowledge about divination. If you do not ask, how can you get an answer?

In some elementary divination books, not only asking a question is a must, the way to ask the question is also quite rigid. For example, you cannot ask a question without a time frame. Once you have learned Wen Wang Gua, you know that the answer to a question has the timing automatically taken care of in the reading.

For example, if you go to a professional diviner, he will only need your birth year, month and day and also to choose what you like to know among: wealth 求財, relationship and marriage 姻縁, sickness 病 of (self, a family member or friend), career 事業, your home 家宅, or even vaquely all about yourself 自身.

The interpretation amazingly takes care of the time frame. It will tell you in details when something will happen. This is something a novice diviner cannot understand.

In the same way, a proficient Liu Ren 六壬 diviner or a QMDJ 奇門遁甲 diviner can give you the answer without you asking a
question. This is because both systems cover the picture of all the things in the present and the future transformations.

What is the difference between QMDJ and Liuren then? QMDJ was designed for warfare. If you are in the battle field, it is applicable. Someone says, "Life is a battle field." Well then, QMDJ will help you every battle of life. Liuren is about almost anything in life. QMDJ considers the four dimensional chart of Heaven 天, Earth 地, Man 人and Spirits 神. Liuren uses the interaction of the spirits of Tian Gan 天干 and Di Zhi 地支, the twelve Heaven Generals 天將 and various spirits 神煞.

QMDJ is not exactly divination as the chart is used to determine the Heaven Qi, Earth Qi, Doors (Man Qi) and Spirit Qi at a certain moment. That is why we can use QMDJ to study the qi at any moment to explain a lot in historical events. It is the actual analysis of qi to see what happens at a certain moment. The time taken is the local time of the location you are interested in.

Liu Ren, on the other hand, is purely divination although the chart is also based on the year, month, day and hour. The year, the month and the day account for the strength of various qi. The hour may be obtained in arbitray ways. For example, it can be observation of the altitude of the sun to guess what the hour is. It can be taken from the clock or watch even if it does not tell the correct time. It can even be taken by random picking one card from a deck of 12 cards pre-made to read the twelve Earth Branches. This is because Liu Ren is purely divination although the analysis pays a lot of attention
to the strengths of qi during the time the divination is done.

My QMDJ correspondence course was quite a success although the actual participants of webinars did not come close to 20% of
the total number of students. Most of the students just study from the recording videos with pdf manuscripts. The success was because some of my students have given very successful courses based on what they have learned in my course. In the Da Liu Ren correspondence course I will not use webinars. Instead, it will be in the form of ebooks with audio and video insertions. The course will be divided into three parts covered in 6 months but the private discussion group will run forever.

Part 1: Charting - detail explanation of how the 10 types of charts are drawn. Ultimately the students are expected to know how to draw all the 720 different charts free-handedly. This will give the student a solid background to study the other two parts.

Part 2: Elaboration of the various spirits. The useful spirits are no less than 30 but other minor spirits amount to several hundreds.

Part 3. Practical Case Studies. The first part will cover a lot of my own case studies that I did for clients in the past. The second part will be discussion of case studies supplied by students.

Course Fees: US$1200. 

A huge discount is given to those who register before 31st of January, 2014. Payment is to be made by Paypal before 5th of February. After the deadline, prices will go back to normal. Students will receive the Part 1 ebook before the course starts on 6th February. A private discussion group will be created and students are invited to join.

The free Xiao Liu Ren ebook can be download at www.josephyu.com/Xiao Liu Ren.exe
This will give you some idea how the ebooks will look like for the Da Liu Ren course.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Liu Ren 六壬 (1)

When Wei Qian Li’s 韋千里 “Liu Ren Divination Lecture Notes 六壬 was about to be published, he sent a copy to Yuan Shu Shan 袁樹珊 and asked for comment as well as a preface. Yuan was happy to welcome his book and wrote a very good preface introducing the study of Liu Ren.

Here is a summary of what he wrote.
1.   Whatever we do, if we know what we are going to encounter and are well prepared, we will have a better rate of success.

    2.   Liu Ren study (I call this Liurenology) is the most ancient method of divination that preceded the Yijing but it embodies the fundamental concept of the Yijing.

    3.   From the time of divination to the Month General, it is equivalent to Taiji born from Wuji. ( 時而月將,是無極生太極也。)

    4.     From Month General to stems and branches, it is equivalent to Taiji giving birth to Binary Appearances. (月將而干支,是太極生两儀也。)

    5.     From stems and branches to the four readings, it is like the birth of the four images of Tai Yang, Shao Yang, Tai Yin, Shao Yin. ( 由干支而四課,則太陽,少陽,太隂,四象生焉。)

    6.     The initial interpretation refers to Heaven, the middle interpretation refers to Man while the final interpretation refers to Earth. When the Cosmic Trinity is complete, the five elements are ready. The Spiritual Generals are determined.  (由四課而發用,初傳法天,中傳法人,末傳法地。三才既具,五行備焉,神將定焉。)

    7.     When the Spiritual Generals are established, the central mechanism is in your hands. Then among all things on earth under heaven, which are auspicious and which are inauspicious, which are regrettable and which cause blames to come, are all displayed before you. It is not just about success or failure, fortune or misfortune, glory or shame. ( 神將既定,握其樞機,則天下萬事萬物,孰吉孰凶,孰悔孰咎,胥於此現象得之,豈獨是非成敗,禍福榮辱已哉。)
-   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In fact, we are part of the Universe and being a part, we can communicate with the whole. However, the communication is beyond our five senses. The communication is spiritual and not physical. Denouncing spirituality automatically denounces divination and vice versa. The entire Universe is a living entity. All other spirits are part of the Universe. This includes our spirit (or soul) and I don’t think anyone would denounce this. Then why the other parts of this paragraph?

Divination is just communication between the diviner’s spirit and other spirits. The method is a vehicle to bring the spirits together. Liu Ren is an excellent vehicle and to sell this vehicle our ancestors invented stories to say that the method was given to the Yellow Emperor 黄帝 by the Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens 九天玄女. In fact, Liu Ren was invented and improved over time by intelligent diviners. 

This is the first article of a new series. If you are interested, stay tuned.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Destiny Reading for John Doe (3)

It happens that Bill Gates has the same Four Pillars chart as John Doe. Can we see how the chart fits his life?

In this third article of the series I will employ some technical terms so that it is easier for people who have studied Four Pillars to follow more closely.

When we read a chart, the best way to understand it is to see how the qi moves about in relation to the Day Master. Here in this chart the Day Master is Ren . Since we are talking about the life of a person, it is natural to talk about fame and fortune, intelligence, support, friends and enemies, his character and way of doing things. Well, one path of qi flow is from Yi to Bing that clashes the Day Master. This path indicates how he uses his talents to create his productions that turns into money pouring onto him. Also note that Yi for Ren Day Master represents performance unrelated to what he learns from traditional education. To understand this path, we have to assess the level of his intelligence and how abundant is the wealth. Yi wood sits right on the storage tank Wei of wood but it is born at Hai indicating he has great creativity and abundant ideas. This idea turns into products that sell well and it is important to make good use of the money that comes to him in a clash that may be damaging if there is no path to drain it away. The next part of the path is to see how the wealth qi goes down to the three branches Wei and Xu . Wei and Xu are the qi of power that provide a path for the surplus wealth qi to go but at the same time these branches contain good source of wealth qi. The more wealth is drained, the more will come to fill the space.

Now power does not appear on any stem in this chart. This indicates that he is a low key leader. The way to run his business is to provide a guideline for his employees to follow his vision of the market trend and the world of tomorrow. There is no need to exercise his power to run the company. It was wise for him to give up the post of CEO to someone he trusts when his company is well established. Instead, he becomes more involved in philanthropic activities and this is the right thing to do when there is too much money. The power in his chart is more inclined to fame rather than the literal sense of power. The fame then turns into support that appears on the hour stem Xin . You can view Xin as his fans. Just count the number of users of his products – Windows, Microsoft Office, etc. The supportive qi then flows to strengthen the Day Master Ren and its root Hai so that he can withstand the potential damage brought by the clash with wealth. 

A look at the luck pillars should reveal more. Luck runs from west to south that helped him to develop silent leadership in his school days and then 30 years of tremendous wealth later when luck goes through Wei, Wu and Si. During Gui Wei and Ren Wu, the water meeting Yi to strengthen his production instead of attacking his wealth. He wisely provides people with support to create software that can perform on his platform. This turns potential competitors into partners. Even during the ten years with Ren clashing Bing, the damage is minimal as most of the force exerted by Ren turns into the year stem Yi that in turn strengthens the wealth stem Bing instead of taking it away. 

What about the more threatening Xin Si luck pillar? Xin combines with Bing that should also remove his wealth? Well, Xin has to clash against Yi on the Year pillar first before reaching Bing. The clash prevents Bing and Xin from combining and the wealth is intact. However, it indicates that his conservative thinking (Xin being Proper Resource) has a negative effect on his products. In fact, he underestimated the smart phone market and missed the train. However, the impact on his wealth is not too serious as his other products are simply cash cows. With the same reasoning, the intended clash between Si and Hai also does not happen as most of the energy of Si has been used up to strengthen the other three branches minimizing the impact of the clash.

The following website provides more detailed information about the life of Bill Gates: