Friday, January 20, 2012

Wu Ji Du Tian 戊己都天

In the Feng Shui Tips 2012 video, I mentioned Wu Du Tian and Ji Du Tian. Some of my students asked me how to calculate these two Shen Sha 神煞 but I purposely did not give them the formula. Why? Shen Sha is not an elementary topic. Shen Sha is not an advanced topic. It is not in between. Then what is it? The best term to describe Shen Sha is  "controversal". Giving out a table so that people can look up these controversial "gods" and "devils" is easy. It does not clear up anything. The reader may be rejoiced to claim he knows how to do the calculation now. As a matter of fact, such tables are found in the Tong Shu 通書. This title means "The General Book". It covers quite a lot of folklore information and that is why the title. It is also mentioned that the directions are not to be disturbed by such activities as digging otherwise it will bring disaster to people living in the house with the earth sha irritated.

When the luopan with 24 mountains ring is used, there is one mountain between Wu Du Tian and Ji Du Tian and a third sha called Jia Sha Du Tian 夹煞都天 meaning "the Sha located  between Wu Du Tian and Ji Du Tian" is invented. It is mentioned: "Wu Du Tian kills a male and it is fast to happen. Ji Du Tian kills a female and it is slow to happen." Jia Sha Du Tian is less evil than these two.

To see whether such information is credible we have to understand where do these sha come from. We have to understand how the formula is derived.

It is derived from the stem and branch of a year. For example, the coming year is Ren Chen year 壬辰年, the month Yin is assigned the stem Ren. The months are then Ren Yin 壬寅, Gui Mao 癸卯, Jia Chen 甲辰, Yi Si 乙巳, Bing Wu 丙午, Ding Wei 丁未, Wu Shen戊申, Ji You 己酉, ..... The stems Wu and Ji stand on the branches Shen and You. The branches are then called Wu Du Tian and Ji Du Tian. These two are the months with Wu and Ji stems. The question is: What is wrong with earth stems? Why are the branches considered evil directions just because they carry Wu and Ji as stems of the months? It is now further extended to Shen and You days of the year and consider them inauspicious days. To justify this "theory", it is mentioned that swallows never build their nests in these directions and bees never go out from the beehives on such days. Some other books say that swallows do not build their nests on such days. This is a bit more reasonable as directions refer to the center of the house and not the nest itself. It has nothing to do with the swallows.

Anyway, it is a good topic for research work. Just find out where swallow nests are built and ask people to watch them for a few years to verify this.

I bring this out in my video just to arouse the interest of people today about folklore belief without mentioning the horrible things found in some books. It is also a message to the public how information should be examined with logic.

This is the reason why I classify such topics as "controversial" and will not teach in formal courses.


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Luis Perenna said...

Dear Master Yu,

Thank you to have suggested here that these scary stars and dates are not to be regarded as really serious.

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