Friday, June 29, 2012

Opening a big can of worms

About the Great Grandmaster Yang Yun Song, the official historical logbook 《南安府志》reads: “Yang Yun Song 楊筠松, citizen of Dou Zhou 竇州, was an officer during the reign of Xi Zhong 僖宗. He was in charge of Spiritual and Feng Shui Affairs. He reached the highest position of Golden Purple Light Prosperity Minister 金紫光祿大夫. When rebels headed by Huang Cao 黃巢 broke into the capital city, he cut short his hair and fled to Mount Kunlun 昆侖山."

If Feng Shui is as powerful as claimed, there is no way the rebels can take over the imperial city. It does not matter whether it is the Feng Shui of the imperial palace or the Feng Shui of the graves of the emperors, Yang Yun Song being in charge of this department should be responsible for the misfortune.

                                                          Yang Yun Song 楊筠松

Either Yang Yun Song's Feng Shui technique was no good, or the power of Feng Shui had been outrageously exaggerated. What do you think?