Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad money drives out good money

King Henry VIII invented a method to increase the government’s income without raising taxes. He ordered the English shilling to be minted with 40% of the silver replaced by base metals. This was discovered by the people and the good shilling was driven out of circulation becoming a collector’s item for its true value. The result is known as Gresham’s Law: Bad money drives out Good.

When Sir Thomas Gresham explained his findings to Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII’s daughter, she called in the bad shillings her father minted, melted them down, extracted the silver and minted pure silver shillings. The bad money was eliminated and soon the pure silver shilling became the most sought after coin internationally leading England to become the super power of the world for many centuries thereafter.

It appears today fake Feng Shui practices drive out true Feng Shui practices. It is not easy to find a Queen Elizabeth I to restore good Feng Shui practices as the desire of living in a good environment cannot compete with the wishful thinking of getting rich instantly. It is even more difficult as such promotional slogans like "Burying in Yin (year) will result in getting rich in Mao (year) 寅葬卯发" were used by so-called "Great Feng Shui Masters" and people never questioned the credibility. It becomes almost a religious slogan and those who doubt this claim are looked upon as "not knowing genuine Feng Shui secrets" outsiders.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

What comes immediately after the Nina Wang Estate case

Waiting to change their luck paying a humble HK$8,800 (US$1 = HK$7.8).

Master Szeto using a hammer and a kitchen knife to remove sins from the man. The man will have to bathe himself for 7 days using flowers supplied by Master Szeto to seal up his body with the good luck injected in the ceremony.

About 100 men and women bought the service that took the master 6 minutes for each client and a total of about 10 hours to finish. The luck of both the master and the clients changed immeidately of course, the former $880,000 richer and the latter $8,800 each poorer.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

QMDJ analysis of a much-talked-about litigation

I asked my students to use Qi Men Dun Jia to give an analysis of the verdict based on the date and time when the verdict was delivered.

Eduardo Hess, one of my best students, has done a good job. Here is what he posted to the QMDJ group:

Dear Joseph, all

I haven't followed well this case (sorry) and I'm bit behind on
litigation analysis, but I'll give it a try.

It looks that ChinaChem had won the case

yang ju #3, gui wei day, ding si hour

Plaintiff (ChinaChem) is the guest as it initiated the case, and Tony
Chan (defendant) is the host.
Commander (plaintiff) is found in Li, and Hero, the Tian Yi
(defendant) is found in Qian. That also coincide with DS palace and HS
palace. Since Li controls Qian it looks as a clear cut victory on the
plaintiff side.
The judge (Open Door in Xun) favours the plaintiff and even though
witness statements and evidences (Harmonies in Qian) had some impact
on judge's decision, the plaintiff could rule them out. Actually the
judge felt much more convinced by plaintiff's statements (View in
The lawyer (Shocking Door in Zhen) hasn't done his best for the
defendant, This palace favours the plaintiff palace and had
disagreement with the defendant palace.

Door Fan Yin chart makes the decision quick and fierce from the judge
side, yet plaintiff and defendant both on external palaces speak about
continuation.. this case does not seem to having ended here (going to

"Snake struggling twining" in plaintiff palace (Li) indicates
litigation about documents, with guest (Gui) controlling host (Ding)
within the palace, plaintiff had the upper hand by effectivly laid a
trap to discredit the will.
"Crimson Bird into jail" in defendant palace (Qian) - criminal
released and officer steps down, the cause has been lost and the
defendant is very disappointed and could fire his lawyer
"Trapped dragon injured" in lawyer palace (Zhen) is a loss in a
lawsuit. Defendant is angry at him (Qian controls Zhen)
"Fire star into imprisonment" into judge palace is about contracts and
agreements. Open in Xun is also about signatures, with strong Grass to
bridge metal and wood makes it quite effective on generating plaintiff
palace Li. Bing also represent money, Grass takes it and Heaven flies
the money out to plaintiff palace Li.

Special features:

"Earth Borrow" in defendent palace stands for hiding, making
preparation and exploring into secret affairs. To me indicates a
change in strategy while preparing future moves.
"Wonder wandering into Lu location" in judge palace is a positive
feature, it appears that judge's verdict will be hailed as a good and
wise decision by pubblic opinion. However "Heaven Dominance" over the
year stem Ji, had made him impatient and wishing to conclude the case
in the most socially acceptable way. There might be regrets in the
"Dancing Snake struggling twining" in plaintiff palace: even though he
won the case, it has been accomplished with twisted means, his fortune
cames most from the judge's ideas than from his own ability (official
in the palace also makes him quite stubborn)
"Venus entering Mars" in plaintiff statements palace is an indication
of how he presented the case: Nina Wong's will has been forged and
documentation is fake. However the palace is Void acording to the
hour. That would likely stand for inconsistencies on his assertions
and a cause for further developments.
"Forbidden Five Hours", hour stem clashes day stem (actually the date
is a full clash with the month too), not a positive feature at all.
The story doesn't end here, there will be future consequences.

Conclusions: this interpretation comes out purely from my attempt to
read the chart with no background about the case. Hope it doesn't
appear as a complete nonsense :-)

Best of Qi


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nina Wang Estate Case

The judgement was announced yesterday:

The 2006 Will is a forgery.
It is not a Fung Shui Will.

The part of the verdict related to Fung Shui is worth our attention:

"Fung Shui is not a universally accredited discipline being taught in our formal education system. As far as Hong Kong is concerned, any person can run a Fung Shui class or held himself out as a Fung Shui practitioner or master based on his or her own knowledge or understanding of Fung Shui. There is no independent objective assessment (and by the inherent nature of the subject I doubt if there can be such assessment) and thus no quality assurance whatsoever. Against such background, it is rather futile to debate whether a person is a good Fung Shui master or whether a particular Fung Shui theory or practice is sound."

It is absolutely true and I am afraid that no matter how hard we try to treat Fung Shui studies parallel to scientific methods, our effort will be brutally crushed by the supersitious nature of human kind.

The judgement continues to elaborate:

"Therefore, the evidence of Mr. Joseph Yu, focussing on the validity and consistency of the alleged Fung Shui practices with some Fung Shui theories, based on his own research by reading some works on Fung Shui and logic and common sense, were quite beside the point. I do not find such evidence to be of much assistance in this trial. Even though Fung Shui is not a science, Mr. Yu developed his Fung Shui theory by making use of mathematical methods and his own logical deductions. It is not my function to adjudicate whether such an approach is sound. But there is no evidence that his approach is shared by many practitioners in Hong Kong. Mr. Yu taught classes and practised his Fung Shui overseas but not in Hong Kong or the mainland or Taiwan. Therefore he cannot give useful evidence as regards local practices. He frankly admitted that he had no knowledge of Taoist practices and Fa discipline. He did not practise planting of life base though he had researched into it on a theoretical level. He was thereofore not in a position to dispute Master Szeto's evidence that the Celestial Altas (as shown in the Fung Shui notes compiled by Mr. Leung) was about planting of life base, Mao Shan art of divination and closely related to the Fa discipline."

Well, when gimmicks and even malpractices are offered with good marketing to prey on the foolish side of human nature, the rigorous discipline of Fung Shui is looked upon as an obsolete game played by a few stubborn old men. I admitted earlier that I could not provide evidence to disprove that the will was not a Fung Shui will. I also pointed out that if it eventually is ruled as not a Fung Shui will, it is because Master Szeto cannot provide evidence to prove that it is.


Monday, February 1, 2010

A story of two different lives with the same chart

This is a real story that is about a century old.

A servant of a rich man had a son born and the four pillars were taken to a famous astrologer for a reading. The astrologer said, "The baby has the famous Yi supported by a noble rat type of chart. His achievement will be great." The servant went home happily.

The rich man also had a son born on the same day at the same time. He also asked the same astrologer for a reading. The astrologer said, "This baby will live a happy normal life without much achievement." The wealthy man was very disappointed and said angrily to the astrologer, "Why do you give two entirely different readings on the same chart? My servant's son was born at the same time as my son. Why will he have great achievement while my son will be ordinary? You don't deserve the great name you earned."

The astrologer said in a calm voice, "Well, the rat works well in the dark. Your servant's son was born without much light as he is from a poor family. Your son was born with so much light in the room as if he was born in day time. The rat cannot work well in a bright environment. Therefore, the rat for your son is not the noble rat."

The story tells us a lot, right?