Sunday, November 29, 2009

A picture brought to life

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shape and Form 形與勢

Feng Shui studies consist of the study of Luan Tou 巒頭 and Li Qi 理氣. The former is the body while the latter is the application. 巒頭為體,理氣為用。

The study of mountain and water also consists of two parts - shape and form 形與勢.
Beginners have learned that mountains and waters can be classified according to the five elements or the nine stars. This is the study of shape 形學。The study of form is to visualize the movement of mountain and water. For water, this part is easier as we can actually see how the water runs. The "movement" of mountains can be appreciated by the inner eye. We have to see whether a mountain is healthy and vibrant. Is it ferrocious or benevolent? This is the part that takes proper Feng Shui training years of time and dedication. This is the part you have to acquire all by yourself. This is the part you cannot learn from your master. The study of form together with the study of shape is known as 形法.