Friday, May 29, 2009

Over the Rainbow

A double rainbow

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yin and Yang and Life

In Feng Shui, we do not deal with "dead" yin and yang. We are interested in how yin and yang intercourse 陰陽交媾 to generate life. It is inappropriate to try to create a rigid definition even when we compare two parts of a picture to see which part is yin and which part is yang. Rather, we can use models to help appreciate the concept.

The flower and the bee - which is yin, which is yang?

The bee is the one in action to make pollination a success. Therefore, the bee is yang while the flower is yin, right?

However, the flower sends out the message to attract the bee and is actually the one that initiates the action. The bee only responds to the message to come over. Therefore, the flower is yang while the bee is yin, right?

This is an example illustrating the teaching in

Qing Nang Jing:
Yang originates from yin. Yin breeds yang. Heaven follows form. Earth is attached to qi. This is what is known as the origin of transformation.

陽本陰 陰育陽 天依形 地附氣 此之謂化始 — 青囊經


Sunday, May 10, 2009

No movement, no divination 不动不占

The word "movement" points at the movement of the mind (heart). When nothing bothers one's mind, there is to be no divination.

When someone is bothered by something, his mind sends a strong message to the Universe, which is considered an "intelligent entity" in metaphysics. The Universe will send back a reply of guidance. A diviner is someone who can pick up the message and is versed in interpreting the message. It is, however, not fortune-telling.

A journalist asked me whether I have divined for the outcome of the lawsuit over Nina Wang's estate. As I am not interested in who will win the lawsuit, there is no movement in my mind. Therefore, I cannot do the divination. If either party requests me to do the divination, then the message is strong as there is movement of the mind of the enquirer. However, as I am an expert witness in this litigation, I cannot be the diviner because an expert witness is not supposed to do anything in favour of any party. To divine on behalf of someone is to ask the Universe to give guidance to the enquirer. Therefore, an expert witness cannot divine for any party.

It is a common mistake to view divination as disclosing the outcome. It is, in fact, not a game to satisfy one's curiosity. Divination is to ask for guidance from the Universe to obtain a favourable outcome.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teaching in Moscow

Here are some photos taken during my recent teaching tour in Moscow.