Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ten Spirits 十神 (1) - Power

Ten Spirits 十神 are the most important ingredients in the study of Four Pillars of Destiny 四柱命理學. The four pillars consist of a stem and a branch in each with a total of eight words BaZi 八字. The term BaZi is used by the less intellectual people while the term Four Pillars is used in the academic field. 

Each stem represents a spirit while each branch has a major spirit together with or without minor spirits embedded. The spirits in a branch determine how much support the spirits on the stems can get. It affects the capability of the spirits on the stems. 

In this series I am going to explain the translated terms of the ten spirits. 

正官 - Proper Power. 官 is an officer but when this spirit is related to just anyone, it is the term power that is more appropriate. The adjective "proper" describes the fact that this spirit has a yin-yang balance with the person. This spirit brings fame and power to the person. For a female, it also represents her husband.

偏官 - Unbecoming Power. Usually this spirit also brings power but the way it comes may not be proper due to the fact that there is no yin-yang harmony. It can be more powerful than Proper Power because it has more fighting spirit. For a woman, it also represents her husband but there is inevitably disharmony in the relationship. 

Joseph Yu


Foon Chik said...

Thank you dear Master Joseph for a good reminder about the importance of 'power'in Four Pillars charts!

What happens when there's unbecoming power on the stem and proper power in the branches?

I'm grateful for all your teachings over the years!

Joseph Yu said...

Imagine you are a police officer on duty. You are supported by your boss who is a higher ranking officer. Well, your way of handling a case is different from that of your boss. What is going to happen? Will you follow the philosophy of your boss or act all you believe to be correct? You will have to examine the entire chart to come to a conclusion.