Saturday, November 11, 2017

Ten Spirits 十神 (3) - Parallels

When a spirit is of the same element as the Day Master, it is considered parallel to the Day Master.The original names of the spirits that are parallel to the Day Master are actually more inspiring than the term "Parallels".

比肩 - Shoulder to Shoulder. It refers to a stem that is the same as the Day Master. It represents a person who works shoulder to shoulder with the Day Master. This includes friends with the same belief working for the same goal. The original term "Shoulder to Shoulder" is actually better than the translated term "Friendly Parallel".

劫財 - Robber of Wealth. It refers to a stem of the same element but opposite in yin/yang as the Day Master. The translated term "Unfriendly Parallel" has a broader sense that includes someone who pretends to be a friend or even a partner in business but actually is a traitor going after money and position. 

When we analyse a chart, never take it rigidly that a friendly parallel is always friendly and that an unfriendly parallel is always robbing your money. The quality of the chart can overrule the suggestion by the names.  Come to think about this: which is better, a lot of incapable people working shoulder to shoulder with you making negligible profit, or one very capable person who works for you requiring a lion's share of the huge profit made?

Joseph Yu

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