Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ten Spirits 十神 (4) - Output

Output is what comes out from a person. This includes the children of a woman, production by a person, ideas and verbal or written work. If the yin and yang of the spirit is the same as that of the Day Master, it is considered more truthful representation of the person. If the output has opposite yin/yang as the Day Master, it is considered revolutionary. The original Chinese terms are quite inspiring.

食神 - Gracious Output. The meaning of the Chinese term is a spirit that feeds on the person. When a person is full of ideas, he feels frustrated if he is not having the opportunity to express his ideas. This is the same as a mother with a new born baby. When her breasts are full of milk, she needs her baby to feed on her to release the pressure and feel relieved and happy. The baby is the spirit that helps her to release her mother love through breast feeding. Gracious Output has the same yin and yang polarity as the Day Master. It is his truthful expression and production. The more knowledgeable a person is, the more opportunity seeking is he to find satisfaction. The more resource to support a person, the more he needs output to show his productivity. 

傷官 - Drastic Output. The meaning of the Chinese Term is to hurt the officer. That means it hurts your Power Spirit. It has the same yin-yang polarity as Proper Power and there is a likelihood that it clashes the Proper Power. This spirit may therefore be detrimental to his power or fame. For a woman, it may also hurt her husband. Well, what are the good points of this spirit? It represents unorthodox ideas and  the person is considered rebellious or at least usually going against  tradition and the established rules. The person tends to be inventive and his production is ahead of the time. Isn't it great?

Again, the entire chart must be examined with care and do not jump to conclusion once you find a spirit in the chart.

Joseph Yu

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